My Love For Sleek Blushers

Sleek Blushers
Hey guys, today I’m going to be talking about my love for Sleek blushers. I am totally in love with these blushers, they have got to be the best blushers I have ever come across!
The pigmentation you get off these blushers is amazing and they blend so well. With these blushers you can work with them, If you want a statement blush then you can apply a lot and if your wanting a subtle look then all you need to do is apply it very lightly, as the colour pay off is strong.
I absolutely love the packaging, it’s sleek and compact.
They have 2 types of finishes, a velvet matte and a shimmer. Also they have a big range of colours.
You can buy these on the Sleek Cosmetics website or you can go to Superdrug and purchase them from there. 
They are very inexpensive. They come at £4.49 each or you can get a 3 pack which comes at £9.99 and if you’re lucky they might have them on offer either ‘3 for 2’ or ‘buy 1 get 1 half price’.
I’ve got 6 different sleek blushers and one set of 3 blushers. There are 10 different single blushers available and 5 sets of 3 blushers.



This blusher is called Pixie Pink 936. It is like a candy pink colour and it is a matte finish. 



This next one is called Pomegranate 923. This is one of my favourites as it is shimmer blusher but when it’s applied it comes on very sheer. 



This one is called Flushed 935. It is very similar to Pomegranate however it is a matte finish and it is slightly lighter. 



I also love this one its called Sahara 934. It is a matte finish, I use this one near enough everyday as it’s like a burnt coral colour and I am more of a fan of peachy, coral blushers than pinky, lilac blushers.




This next one is called Suede 921 and this one is very similar to Sahara however is is much lighter. this one is also a matte finish. 



Lastly this is called Rose Gold 926. This has to be my all time favourite blusher. the colour is so rich and it is a shimmer but the shimmer is a lovely gold shimmer. This was the first sleek blusher I bought.


This is the 3 set blusher, it’s called Lace 367. Starting from the top, Crochet is a strong matte pink blusher. Guipure is very similar to rose gold, it is a shimmer blusher and Chantilly is a strong peachy orange blusher and it is a matte finish.
I am happy with the sleek blushers I’ve got however I’m hoping to get a few more sets of 3 blushers.
I would definitely recommend these blushers as the quality is fantastic, also the prices are amazing.

sophie x