Current Skincare Routine

Current Skincare Routine
Hey guys
Today I’m going to be talking about my current skincare routine. The reason why I’m doing this is because I’ve found it so hard to stick to a certain routine with my skin, however lately this is what I’ve been doing and I’m really happy with the outcome on my skin.
Firstly I prefer to take my eye make up off first with the ‘Simple Eye Make Up Remover’. I prefer this because it doesn’t have a dodgy smell nor does it sting my eyes or make them watery. It also takes off all my eye make up.



I then wipe off the rest of my make up with make up wipes. The wipes I go for the most have to be the Primark ones. I bet you’re all thinking, wait there are better brands out there, but no I have to say the Primark ones are the best ones I’ve ever come across!
I like the Exfoliating and the Tea Tree wipes because they work best on my oily skin.
Every other day I exfoliate my skin with the ‘St. Ives Apricot Scrub’. I absolutely love this scrub, it deep cleans and freshens up your skin, and it just makes you feel healthy. I use the Botanics facial exfoliating brush. It’s similar to a clarisonic however you use it manually. It is £6 from Boots and its a really handy thing to have around because your skin develops dead skin cells which carry a lot of bacteria which isn’t good for the skin and a face wash is just not enough to take it away. So this facial brush helps keep your skin thoroughly deep cleansed and your complexion radiant.
The days I don’t exfoliate my skin I use the ‘Liz Earle Skin Polish’. It acts just like an exfoliation scrub however it is more sensitive to the skin.
Every morning I wash my face with the ‘Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash’. I love, love , love this face wash! It cleanses your face and makes you feel so fresh and keeps your skin looking radiant.
Every few weeks I like to use the ‘Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips’. It takes out the blackheads and badness out your problem areas.
After I’ve exfoliated I use the ‘Simple Pore Minimising Cleanser’ in my tea zone area.


Then on the rest of my skin I use the ‘Clarins Toning Lotion’. I prefer the Clarins toner to any other toner because this is the only one which works best for my oily skin.


Before I go to sleep I like to use the ‘Tea Tree Oil’. If my skin is good to me I just use the blended oil however if my skin tends to break out a lot I use the 100% pure oil. I’m not a fan of moisturising my face because it just always clogs up my pores no matter which brand it is. So the Tea Tree oil keeps my skin under control. It keeps my skin moisturised and it doesn’t clog up any of my pores. Tea Tree oils are really good for the skin as it heels any breakouts and evens out your complexion.
Finally this is my skincare routine. It may look like it’s a long process but it works best for my skin. I hope I’ve helped anyone who wanted an idea pn what products are best out there. If you have your own routine why not fill me in?
Also if you’ve been wanting a product and you don’t know whether to get it or not, let me know and I’ll be happy to write a review or even fill you in on my opinion.
sophie x