November Favourites

This month I’ve been loving a mixture of my old andnew products from skincare essentials to bold and vibrant lipsticks. I haven’t been on a good old shopping spree for a few months now and any new products that I did buy was of a moment of getting lured into a shop.
As the temperature has suddenly dropped, I feel as though this winter is going to be really cold. As much as I love this time of the year it means I have to take a lot more care of my skin such as keep it moisturised and hydrated as the cold seems to dry it out and also I have to prevent my lips from getting horrible and chappy.


The first thing I’m going to talk about is the primer I use, I’ve been using POREfessional for quite a while now and I can’t seem put anything on my face unless I have this on. Even though I have got oily skin, my face still feels dehydrated at times and as much as I hate using a moisturiser I actually love mixing my L’Oreal Correcting Day Moisturiser with my POREfessional. The Porefessional works just as good with the moisturiser and it lasts just as long. On top of that my skin feels more awake and hydrated. 
  The Benefit POREfessional is a balm that minimises the appearance of pores and wrinkles. It can be applied under or over foundation however I prefer to use it mixed into the L’Oreal Correcting Day Moisturiser (which a lady at the Benefit counter suggested that I should mix it with my daily moisturiser). It is slightly tinted however when applied it goes transparent so it would suit any skin tone. I’m pretty sure everyone has got this but if you are the few that don’t then you should definitely try it out. I wouldn’t say it makes a big difference and takes away the appearance of your pores but I have to say it does make them less visible and it gives you a perfect base to apply your foundation onto. This is £23.50 which I think is a bit pricey compared to other primers however it works better and does what a primer is supposed to unlike most primers I have come across.
 The L’Oreal Correcting Day Moisturiser itself comes beautifully packaged in a glass tub which looks pretty sitting on top of my dressing table. This aims to correct your skin tone and even out any discolouration or redness. I have been using this for around 3-4 months now and I have to say my skin is better than ever. I feel as though my skin tone has evened out and the redness around my cheeks have disappeared. Even though this is for people around their 20s – 40s, I feel as though this works amazingly with my skin. This has been tested on all types of skin so whether you have dry to oily or combination skin this would work . It comes at £14.99 and I think this is a reasonable price as a little goes a long way. Just remember to continue using this as you will only see the difference on your skin if you use it regularly. 
I’ve been trying out the’s 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. Although all tea tree oils are very much the same this one has been more effective and has been working more quicker than the other ones. I simply love this tea tree oil and I massage it into my skin morning and night. I felt as though my skin was damaged and then in the morning after using this product it was heeled. My skin is definietly getting better and better each day with this. If you don’t have this in your skincare routine then definitely try it out. Not only do I use this every night before I go bed but when I decide to put a face mask on, I like to mix a few drops of the tea tree oil with it and the outcome is amazing. 
Since it’s getting so cold, my hands have been getting so dry and dry hands are not a pretty thing to look at so I came across this hand cream Crabtree & Evelyn from superdrug. This hand cream has different types of oils to keep your hands moisturied for a long period of time and once you’ve washed your hands they will still be as smooth as before. The only thing I’m not sure about is the smell, I really don’t know if I like or hate the smell but I seem to be using it quite a lot. As much as I love my Palmers Cocoa Butter Handcream (best one ever!) I got a bit bored of using it. The Palmers one is really thick and it works amazingly however this one is very liquidy but it works just as good. This is £4.99 and I think it is a reasonable. 
Whenever I put on weight, I only ever seem to put it on my legs and nowhere else. Then I end up losing that weight and then when I put it back on I lose it again. That has then caused my legs to have very faint stretch marks and i’de rather get rid of them before they get worse. I went out and bought the Palmers Stretch Mark Lotion, I have to say it has done an amazing job. I use this just about everyday now and the marks seem to have just disappeared.
Whenever I’m in the mood to do a face mask I’ve always been the one to use the typical packet ones however I came across a variety of Superdrugs own brand of face masks and it just seemed more convenient having a face mask in a tube, as you can use how much you want without it getting to waste like the ones from the packets and then having so much left and throwing it away. I picked up the clay, hydrating and peeling face mask and I’ve tried them all. They are all so brilliant in there own way however I’ve just been loving the hydrating one. Which has made my skin feel so much healthier and softer. 
My lips never really get chappy or horrible looking as I always keep them moisturised, even throughout the summer. I normally use the Palmer’s Mint Dark Chocolate Lip Balm however I decided to try out the Maybelline Baby Lips and they just feel amazing. They contain oils that keep your lips moisturised for a long time. Before I go to sleep I love to lather my lips with it and every morning they just feel amazing. 
This month I’ve got 3 amazing perfumes to talk about. I’m forever flooding myself with these just because the smell lasts all day and they have a really nice winter touch to them.
The Giorgio Armani Si has a really strong deep, elegant smell to it. I’m not good at describing smells so the next time your in a perfume shop spritz some of this on yourself and you’ll feel good.
The second perfume is from Next called Eau Nude and it also has a strong and elegant smell to it.
Last but not least my most favourite one is the Lancôme La Vie Est Belle. I only ever spray myself twice with this as the smell lasts for days.  It’s not a really strong smell but it is really subtle but refreshing. 
This month I haven’t really had the time to put on some eyeshadow so I’ve been using the Maybelline Colour Tattoos in ‘On and On Bronze’ and ‘Metallic Pomegranate’. These colours are just so warm and perfect for winter and it makes you look as though you’ve made so much effort however you haven’t really. They take 2 seconds to apply and to make it look even better blend in a Taupe  eyeshadow in your crease line and it will look perfet. 
I’ve just been loving bold lips so much this month, I can’t seem to go out without having dark or bold lips. I love all the lipsticks above in there own ways, I’m not really going to go into a lot of detail why I love each one of them. 
Maybelline Pleasure Me Red is a classic red which would suit any skin colour and I mix this with Revlon Black Cherry.
Revlon Black Cherry is a very deep aubergine colour and I only ever use this when I’m wanting a darker lip so I mix this with any colour that I want looking more darker. 
Mac Flat Out Fabulous is a retro matte lipstick. It is like a magenta colour however it’s more pink and it looks so good on. 
Urban Decay Liar is a pure nude shade. It has a slight hint of a pink undertone however it’s not really noticeable. It is really moisturising on the lips and I love it. 
Sleek Vamp is a really dark red colour however the colour pay off isn’t really that strong. So when I’m wanting a more subtle dark lipstick this is always the one that I go for. 
Nars Valparaiso is a pure matte lipstick and the colour is so pretty. It is a purple red lipstick and it just looks amazing for this winter. 

sophie x

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