Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick






Hey guys,
so today I’m going to do a review on the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Almond 7.0. I picked this up a few weeks ago and I have been absolutely loving this. I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown make up so I wasn’t hesitant when I bought this.
The reason why this shade is so dark is because I use it to contour my face. I’ve been put off using powdered products on my face for contouring just because I’ve been wanting my make up to look as natural as possible and I definitely achieve this with the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. 
Starting with the packaging which I think is sleek and compact. It is not too bulky so it would fit in your make up bag perfectly. Also it has a very classic look with the black and gold.
The formula of the foundation itself is just brilliant. I normally have Mac Studio Fix Fluid on and then blend the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick into the hollow parts of my cheeks, my temples and my jaw line and I have to say the way it blends is amazing. It’s not too creamy that the colour would blend to much into the current foundation and become one shade however it’s not to drying either. The texture is perfect enough to make it’s own colour stand out however still be able to blend into other foundations and not over do it and make it look too ‘cakey’ or too thick.
I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush when I apply this. I don’t apply the foundation stick onto my face I just dab the brush onto the foundation and then dab it on to the areas I want to look more sculpted. I don’t buff it into my skin because I don’t want it blending too much with the current foundation on my face as it will only make my face look darker. So I like to dab it and I have to work with it a lot because I don’t want to add too much foundation on my face aswell.
Also as a normal full face foundation I think it is amazing. It is a full coverage foundation so it would be too heavy for an everyday use however for a night out or a special occasion this will definitely make your skin look naturally flawless.
Overall I really love this foundation stick and I might go back and get it in my actual skin tone. It is £28 and I think for a full coverage high end foundation this is a really good price. As you can work with the foundation and not end up using too much.
sophie x