Urban Decay – Vice 2 Palette

Hey guys, so today I’m going to talk about the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. I know alot of people have it and a lot of people are talking about this palette but then again what’s there not to talk about such as the amazing quality, the colour pay off and the stunning packaging.
Urban Decay is mostly famous for their eye shadow palettes. Especially the Naked Collection ones, as the very first Vice palette went flying off the shelves the Vice 2 has just gotten even more better. This is limited edition so it will run out eventually. I’ve seen so many people talk about this palette and I wasn’t sure if I should purchase it as I have so many as it is, but whenever I went past the Urban Decay counter I just couldn’t resist not going over and swatching every single colour, so I ended up buying it one day.
It comes in a stunning box, with ‘UD’ crystallised at the front, the box itself is plastic however it is covered in a marble effect. The best part is the mirror which is the exact same size as the palette and you can do your make up pefrectly while looking into it, also at the bottom there are the 20 new eyeshadows also the double ended synthetic eyeshadow brush where one end is used to pack on the shadow and the other end is to blend the eyeshadow in.
Smokeout – Black shade with a satin finish, once it’s blended it comes off very dusky. 
Lovesick – Matte black with specks of glitter.
Shellshock – Intense silver shade, stunning colour.
Coax – Baby pink with a slight gold sparkle to it.
X – rated – Light cool toned pink with a satin finish, has amazing pigmentation ad blends well. 
Prank – Dark navy blue with teal shimmer. 
Madness – Electric medium toned blue, great colour pay off.
Strike – Golish yellow, blends really well.
Stash – Olive green with green and gold specks of glitter.
Poison – Deep dusky grey with green undertones and glitter, however once it’s blended out the green tones sheer out. 
Third and forth row starting from bottom right to the left.
Rewind – Matte brown, blends in amazingly also has great pigmentation.
Ambush – Medium bronze, once blended it has a metallic sheen. 
Habit – Creamy vanilla colour with a hint of beige, blends in amazing and has great colour pay off. 
Toxic – Metallic rose gold pink, stunning colour. 
Dope – Very very light creamy pink, has a metallic sheen with a satin finish. 
Derailed – Dark dirty brown with a frosted finish. Has a creamy texture so the colour pay off is amazing. 
Betrayal – Bright lilac purple with a blue sheen, stunning colour but the pigmentation isn’t as good as the other ones. 
Voodoo – Deep purple with a metallic finish.
Damaged – Strong emerald green with a frosted finish and great pigmentation. 
Radar – Deep bronze shade slightly more darker than ‘Ambush’ with a frosted finish. 
Although this palette has amazing colours I feel as though it’s lacking some matte shades. Personally when I am doing my eyeshadow I always have a matte shade to either blend colours together or have that as a base colour however in this palette there’s only 2 matte shades and they are both neutral colours. I prefer matte eyeshadows more to metallics and glittery ones just because you can work with them more and they are easier to work with and blend with. However with metallic and glitter eyeshadows it’s more easier to get it wrong and mute out other shades.
Overall I do still like this palette but I feel as though some colours you don’t really need in there such as Smokeout, Ambush, Poison and Prank because there are similar ones to them shades in this palette. I would still recommend this palette because you do have near enough every colour you would need to achieve stunning looks. Also this would be more convenient to travel around with as you have an amazing brush and a full sized mirror. 
It is £42.50 however it’s on sale the now at £36.70 and I think this is a reasonable price as Urban Decay eyeshadows come at £14 each and there are 20 colours in this palette so you end up saving a lot of money buying this palette than if you were to buy them individually. 
sophie x