Jackets & Coats & Blazers

This winter your outfit won’t be complete unless you have a jacket, coat or blazer on. Last year people mostly went out wearing a heavy jumper or either layered themselves with loads of t-shirts, cardigans or sweaters, but this year a fashionable jacket finishes your look.

I have got all three and I definitely wear them all quite a lot. I style them with different outfits depending on the weather and they certainly do complete my look and make it look as though I have made an effort but I haven’t really.
So today I’m just going to show you my favourite jackets, coats and blazers and how they would complete an outfit.


I am personally not a fan of longer jackets and the only jackets I mostly go for are either biker or leather jackets. I prefer them short just because they look better than longer ones and they seem to be more cosier for me. I would usually just wear a vest top and skinny jeans or a woolly jumper and skinny jeans with ankle boots, also a woolly or a chiffon scarf would look good. If you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt and you just slip on one of these jackets, your look will definitely be complete. 

Quilted Faux Fur Collar Jacket £65 Warehouse
Cream Short Biker Jacket £29.99 H&M
Beige Waterfall Faux Fur Leather Jacket £39.99 New Look
Black Boucle Biker Jacket £30 Dorothy Perkins

I love coats! The only coat shape that I am not a fan of are the bell shaped coats, whenever I seem to try one on I end up drowning in them so I have decided to keep away from them. 
Below I have three different types of coats which I have really been loving this season and it is the ‘Snowball/Oversized coats’, ‘Fur coats’ and the ‘Fitted Doll Shaped Coats’. 
I did try on the River Island Light Pink one below and it looked really nice on but with the buttons left open, it was really cosy and the colour actually looked really nice.
 I also tried on both the Fur Coats and I was in a dilemma on which one to buy but I ended up buying the Lipsy one because it was more fitted. Fur coats seem to be in this season but it is so easy to get it wrong. If you are going to buy a Fur coat then go for a long one and not a short one (I personally think short Fur coats don’t look nice at all).
The ‘Doll Shaped Coat’ usually dresses you up and is mostly worn on a night out. If you are to get one then go for one which fits you really well because a coat like that  in a bigger size wouldn’t give the coat any justice. With this coat you could wear woolly tights and a nice dress and ankle boots or even a dress on its own with comfy court shoes.
Light Pink Drawn Wool-Blend Oversized Coat £80, River Island
Grey Faux Fur Coat £95, Warehouse
Black Faux Fur Coat £95, Lipsy
Fit & Flare Coat Black £85, Next
I normally wear blazers when it’s really cold outside and I want to layer on some clothes. I don’t really go for fitted blazers or short blazers, I’m more of a fan of longer, oversized and very casual ones mainly because they are more comfier yet you can still look smart.
I either wear woolly/knitted jumpers and skinny jeans with this and knee-high boots or flat shoes and a scarf with a vest top and skinny jeans. 
I usually go for the common black, white or even grey blazers and maybe even the odd berry coloured blazers but not any other colour apart from them.
Multicoloured Slub Oversized Blazer £35, River Island
Monochrome Long Line Blazer £24.99, New Look 
Grey Long Blazer £24.99, New Look
Blazer With Zips £79.99, Zara
sophie x