Favourites of 2013

Is it just me or has 2013 just flown by so quickly? This year has brought so many good things and I remember saying to my friends and family “I have a good feeling about this year”, I have to admit I was right.  I have grown up a lot and I have learnt a good few things, there have been some downs but it’s not been anything major.

This year I vented out much more than I usually do, I normally just keep to a limit of things because I was always scared to try out new things but now I have a big variety of beauty and skincare products. I have to say I have learnt a lot about the beauty industry this year.
So today I am going to tell you about my most favourite things I’ve used this year and have completely loved.
Starting of with my hair, when I come out the shower I always blow-dry my hair but not completely dry as I keep it slightly damp.  I then put half of my hair up and I rub Moroccan Oil into the other half.  When applying the oil make sure you spread the oil equally over your hair.  Using the Moroccan Oil I have managed to keep my hair really healthy.

I have to smell good no matter what day it is so if I forget to spray a perfume I always have this small bullet with me and I take it everywhere with me and it’s lightweight and you can just fill it up with any perfume. It was around £2 on ebay. So it’s not an expensive purchase and I use it all the time.

I’m a big fan of very classy elegant perfumes and here are a few I’ve been loving this year. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, Giorgio Armani Si, Lancôme La Vie Est Belle, Coco Chanel. These perfumes last all day and you only need one spray and you would still be smelling amazing the next day. I didn’t know the difference between Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum and if you don’t know either then Eau De Toilette is not as concentrated as Eau De Parfum, the smell won’t last for long and it is usually cheaper however Eau De Parfum is a lot stronger and more concentrated and the smell lingers on. 
I’ve been using a lot of Clarins Skincare Products and my most favourite product from them is the Iris Toner, which leaves your skin feeling refreshed and very clean. Also I love their Pore Minimizing Serum, which makes my pores less visible, and also my face tends to get less oily throughout the day.
I’ve also been using there Cleaning Milk which cleanses your face further and it keeps it feeling very moisturised after. I love using things because it makes my skin feeling very refreshed afterwards.

I am also a big fan of Loreal’s Skin Perfection range. I use the Correcting Moisturiser and also the Advance Perfecting Serum.  I do have the Instant Blurr however that hasn’t really made a difference on my skin so I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying it unless it does work for you. Both the Moisturiser and the Serum have been fantastic for my skin. The moisturiser has evened out my skin time and taken away a lot of redness. After using the Serum my skin has gone a lot smoother and the pores are less visible.

This year I got treated to a lot of make-up brushes and I treated myself to a lot as well and here are my most favourites ones.
Real Techniques Foundation Brush which I use for my concealer as the big brush applies it on more quicker and more evenly. Also when applying it on with the brush I don’t paint it on I use a dabbing motion just so it conceals more.
Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which I use to apply my foundation. This applies foundation on so amazingly it’s comes off so flawless and it’s quick and easy to apply foundation with. I buff this into the skin first and then I start to stipple it into my face so the foundation would apply on more evenly.
Real Techniques Duo Stippling Brush, I use the brush to blend my bronzer and blusher and highlighter in just so there are no harsh lines on my face. Also it gives more of a flawless look and doesn’t give you a patchy look.
Mac 189 Contour Brush, I use this brush when I’m going to contour my face  and the reason why I prefer this brush to other brushes is because it is more round and domed at the top however it is still very fluffy so when applying the product it come of more flawless and it blends it in more.
Mac 116 Blusher Brush, the reason why I love this brush a lot is because it applies blusher on the areas you want it on and with blushers brushes it applies on a large  area on your face however with this one I goes on precisely the areas you apply it onto.
I love Benefits PoreFessional, purely because I can’t seem to apply foundation on my face without having this on. It gives me a more even canvas for when I’m applying foundation on and also it just feels amazing when I apply it.

For an everyday foundation, I love using ‘Estée Lauder’s Double Wear‘.  I’m a big fan of lightweight foundations that have amazing coverage that’s why this is my favourite foundation. I use this all the time and what I love most about it is that I don’t have to touch up my make up through out the day, this foundation lasts for hours and it is a high build-able coverage foundation.

Another foundation that I have absolutely loved using this year is the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, which I got in the shade Almond which is around 4-5 shades darker than my skin. the reason why I got it in a dark shade was to use it to contour my face and I have to say when I contour it looks so natural with this and I don’t even use a bronzer on top of this.

I usually set my foundation with the Mac Studio Fix Powder however, for the past few months I’ve been setting it with the Mac Translucent Loose Powder, which is just perfect for me.  I do love the Mac Studio Fix Powder however I prefer the loose powder for everyday use and its also very lightweight.

My most used blusher and bronzer this year was the Mac Riri Bad Girl Gone Good which is a deep coral blusher and looks very natural once applies also Benefits Hoola Bronzer which is a matte bronzer and it has a nice undertone to is also isn’t too musky.
For my brows I love the Sleek Brow Kit which is a dupe for the Benefits Brow Kit also this just looks amazing on the brows and it lasts for ages. I also love L’Oreal Super Brows Pencil which is an easy an more quicker way to do your brows also the colour is very natural and it makes your brows look naturally thick. I also love using Maybellines Brow Gel just to set my brows and keep them in place because they always seem to fly about the place. The colour of this is much lighter than my actually hair because I didn’t want it to look to harsh if I got a darker on so when I apply this lighter one it looks more natural.

My two favourite eye shadows are the Mac palette and the Urban Decay Basics palette.

The Mac Palette has up to 15 slots for you to decide which shades you want to have in the palette.  All the colours I have in mine are colours that I use everyday; they are very neutral and everyday basic colours.  I also have a brown shade that I use to do my eyebrows.
I love my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette; I use this near enough everyday. It’s a simple palette with everyday neutral colours with a very sleek compact packaging, which I just love, you can take it wherever you want as it’s not bulky at all and weighs next to nothing.  Whenever I go away I always make sure I have both my palettes with me.

My most go to lip combo has to be Mac Cherish Satin Finish Lipstick with Smashbox Lip-gloss on top of it. I love this colour it’s an everyday look, it’s very neutral and the colour isn’t too out there.

This year I have loved plenty more products but these are my top favourites and if you haven’t tried any of the above products then you should definitely try them out. Some products I have bought more than once and the rest I would definitely repurchase again.
sophie x