Worst Products of 2013


This year I have been trying out a lot of new things and I have been loving most of them however I have come across some and felt as though it was a pointless purchase or the quality wasn’t that good.

So today I’m going to share with you 10 products that I haven’t been loving this year.

Starting with the RimmelLondon Wake Me Up Foundation which looks really grey on my skin, even though I have tried out different colours they all just look very grey. Also it has a slight shimmer in the foundation which I don’t understand at all and it’s just too much to wear as a foundation. Also I don’t like the way it blends on my skin, it comes across very patchy and separates once it’s applied.

Another thing I haven’t been a fan of was the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick mainly because after a couple of hours it started look a bit weird. It blends well and has a good coverage however it just started to wear off after a short amount of time. 

I’m actually pretty gutted about this foundation L’Oreal Nude De Magique because I actually used this foundation quite a lot when I bought it and I loved how it looked and felt on the skin. However after several times of using it and having it on for long hours I started to notice that it would separate on my face. It was as if I had a pattern drawn on my face and I had to start blending it into my skin again.

When I read so many reviews about L’OrealsSkin Perfecting range I couldn’t stop myself from buying some of the popular products. I actually tried most of them however this Blurring Balm was a downfall. When I had first used it and started massaging it into my skin it just started to rub off and turn into flakes and that put me off right away.

I absolutely don’t like cheek tints at all and I’m so glad I bought the miniature to Benefits Positing and not the normal sized bottle. This just seems to wipe your foundation off and the tint itself isn’t that strong and I couldn’t tell I had anything on. Also it was too jelly when I applied it.

I also think SmashboxPhoto Finish Lid Primer is really pointless mainly because it doesn’t really act as a primer. I’ve use this a couple of times now and it hasn’t made a difference when I apply eye shadow or on how long the eye shadow lasts. Also even though I blend this primer in it starts to separate which is another reason why I don’t like it much.

I’m also not a big fan of the Urban Decay Naked Highlighting Powder. I remember swatching it before I bought it and it looked so pretty but once I got home and applied it to my face the glitter was just flying about everywhere. Also it didn’t really highlight my face at all it ended up putting specks of glitter all over my face. Also for £20 you would think it would be a good quality but the quality wasn’t good at all.

These RimmelLondon Apocalips were a major downfall for me this year, there are so many things wrong with this lip product. These don’t apply well with me, it’s so hard to blend it and it is horrible applying it and the feeling of it on your lips isn’t really nice either. Also the colour selection was not very good and the smell of this was just a put off. 

I’ve also not been keen on these eye shadow quads from L’Oreal. The pigmentation is brilliant and they blend nicely however they are just too shimmery that it’s hard to see the colour pay off. There are no matte shades in these quads and I end up finding it hard to achieve a certain look with these as the shimmer is over powering.

sophie x