L’Oreal Glam Shine Chubby Stick

L’Oreal Glam Shine Chubby Stick.





Hey guys,
So recently I was out and I came across these Glam Shine Chubby Sticks by L’Oreal. I started swatching a few of the colours and they were very opaque and creamy. I wanted all of them but I do have a lot of Chubby sticks from different brands so I decided to narrow it down to two. I picked up Mad of Pomegranate which is a pinkish red and Die for Guava which is a nude pale pink.
They have a big variety of colours from nude shades to orange to reds also they have ones which have glitter in them. However I’m not a fan of the glitter ones.
These are really creamy and the colour pay off is brilliant, they seem a little more jelly when you apply them rather than being moisturising. I feel as though with other brands you get more product from the chubby stick than from L’Oreals chubby stick.
However looks wise, it does look good and has great colour pay off. Also they are £6.99 which is the average price for a chubby stick. I believe they are currently selling them for £4.99 in drugstores as that is how much I got mine for.
Overall I do still like these but I’m more of a fan of the Revlon ones as they feel a lot better on the lips, however I still enjoy wearing these.
sophie x