Keeping Fit

I’ve recently started going back to the gym after a year and a half and not only that I have decided to change my diet, I’m not trying to lose any weight I just want to have a fitter and healthier lifestyle.  The reason I made the decision to go back to the gym was because I have been feeling week, tired and to be honest I sometimes get tired walking around.




I will also be uploading some meals, snacks and healthy drinks that I will be making at home.  There really is no point in going to the gym if you are just going to carry on eating unhealthy foods, changing your diet really does play a huge part in the process to living a healthy life and not only does it make you look good but most importantly if makes you feel good about yourself!  There are other benefits to eating healthy such as having healthy hair, healthy radiant toned skin, combats diseases and boosts your energy. 
 I will post something related to healthy eating or a workout I will be doing at least once a week, I hope you all enjoy reading the posts and they are able to help you making a decision to live a healthier life.


Sophie x