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Hey, today I’m going to be talking about the New Smashbox Exposure Palette. It’s been out for a while now however I don’t think it’s been that popular and I wondered why.

This is a very versatile palette as you have seven stunning shimmery shades across the top and at the bottom are seven velvety matte shades.  This palette contains your very light neutral colours, your browns which you can use to do your eyebrows also and you have your shimmery shades which have specks of glitter in them that can complete a look and make it even more stunning. 
The Smashbox Exposure Palette comes with a double brush, one side is black and the other side is white.  One side of the brush can be used for shimmer shades and the other used for matte shades.  The key in achieving a really good look is to always blend out your shadows and to make sure when you blend two colours together you blend them very well.
The packaging of the palette itself is black, its very sleek, compact and If you travel a lot you can take it with you as it’s not too bulky either.   The palette itself is £36, which I think is a reasonable price because it works out around £2.50 per eye shadow, plus you get a dual ended brush.
Included in the £36 you also get the Exposure Mascara that I like a lot and I have used this in the past.  It comes with a very big thick bristly wand so its wide enough for the width of your eye also the formula of the mascara itself is really good as it doesn’t dry up too much and doesn’t clump together.

The colours in this palette are stunning, as I’ve said before, I’m briefly going to go through them and show you samples off them as you can see the colour pay off and the colour within the shadow itself. 

S1 – Chocolate brown with a golden pearl
S2 – Deep golden brown with a pink hint
S3 – Subtle soft gold with a pink pearl
S4 – Very light salmon pink with a silver sheen
S5 – Shimmery golden olive colour
S6 – Dusky chrome shade with a silver sheen
S7 – Subtle black with speaks of silver glitter

Matte shades:

M1 – Deep chocolate brown
M2 – Deep tan with a hint of brown
M3 – Soft tan with a pink undertone
M4 – Very light beige
M5 – Ashy beige brown
M6 – Dusky dark brown
M7 – Cream bold black
Overall do I think you need this palette?  Well it depends on if you’ve been looking to get a palette, which contains very neutral shades, and you can create everyday looks with this palette.  You also can jazz it up with your bold dark colours or even your shimmery colours for the evening.  If you want to start using eye shadows more often, this is a great palette as you also receive leaflet with it which helps you create different looks for different eye shapes.
The pigmentation is good, I feel as though there are better pigmented eye shadows within different brands such as Urban Decay, Mac, Sleek however the colour pay off is good if you have an eye shadow primer on.

The reason why I like this palette a lot is because you have your 7 matte shades and I feel as though most palettes lack matte eye shadows and I don’t know why because every eye look has to have at least a matte shade in it otherwise too much shimmer, sparkle or sheen can ruin a look. So this is a yes for me, you would love this palette, why not go inshore and check it out, most of the Boots drugstores have a Smashbox make up counter, so you can easily sample the colours yourself and see if you like them.

Sophie x