Abs Workout

Everyone wants a flat toned buff stomach and it is a lot easier than you think, my stomach has always been flat but it’s never been toned until now. You can still have those curves of yours and be able to have a flat stomach, some people think when you start losing weight around your stomach you start to lose your curves in other areas but if you pay more attention on keeping it toned then you won’t lose your curves.
The way I workout is I set myself a 30 day challenge but you do have a rest every 4 days and I feel as though when I challenge myself I stick to it more rather than having to choose what I’m going to do each day.
So today I’m going to show you my ’30 Day Abs Challenge’ and also I’m going to show you other workouts you can do to get your perfect flat toned stomach. These are easy workouts you can do at home and also at the gym. Also trust me on this when you start to see the difference when you work out you actually feel more good and confident about yourself.
30 Day Abs Challenge (1 minute break)
Day 1 – 20 sit ups /8 crunches /8 leg raises /20 seconds of planking
Day 2 – 25 S /12 C /12 L /20 secs
Day 3 – 30 S /20 C /20 L /20 secs
Day 4 – REST DAY
Day 5 – 35 S /25 C /25 L /25 secs
Day 6 – 40 S /30 C /30 L /25 secs
Day 7 – 45 S /35 C /35 L /25 secs
 Day 8 – REST DAY
Day 9 – 50 S /40 C /40 L /30 secs
Day 10 – 55 S /60 C /40 L /30 secs
Day 11 – 60 S /75 C /40 L /30 secs
Day 12 – REST DAY
Day 13 – 70 S /80 C /45 L /35 secs
Day 14 – 80 S /90 C /40 L /35 secs
Day 15 – 85 S /95 C /45 L /35 secs
Day 16 – REST DAY
 Day 17 – 85 S /115 C /35 L /40 secs
Day 18 – 85 S /120 C /38 L /40 secs
Day 19 – 90 S /130 C /40 L /40 secs
Day 20 – REST DAY
 Day 21 – 95 S /140 C /45 L /50 secs
Day 22 – 100 S /150 C /50 L /60 secs
Day 23 – 105 S /160 C /45 L /70 secs
Day 24 – REST DAY
 Day 25 – 110 S /170 C /50 L /85 secs
Day 26 – 115 S /180 C /55 L /95 secs
Day 27 – 120 S /190 C /55 L /95 secs
Day 28 – REST DAY
Day 29 – 125 S /200 C /60 L /100 secs
Day 30 – 130 S /210 C /65 L /110 secs
The ‘bicycle’ workout
With this workout you can get your abs really fast. All you need to do is lie flat on your back have your hands behind your head and pretend you’re riding a bike, however as you lift each leg/knee towards your face touch it with the opposite elbow.
For example, when your right knee comes towards your face your both arms should still be behind your head but touch your left elbow with the right knee that your lifting up.
Leg Raises
I find this exercise the easiest! To start off lie flat on your back with your hands flat swell. Then gradually lift your legs up till they are parallel to the ground and keep this position until you feel a burn in your abs then raise your legs higher till your body makes an ‘L’ shape. Hold that position then bring your legs back down gradually. Keep repeating this 20-30 times a day.
This is another fast way to get your abs, with this work out you feel the burn in your abs more and as you do this everyday you’ll see great results. The easiest way to do this is lie down in the position you would so sit ups but have your hands behind your head and lift your shoulders up but don’t lift your full body. Keep doing these crunches and you’ll feel and see the difference within weeks.
To get great definition from your arms finish every workout by planking. The position you will be keeping on hold will be where one side will be leaning on the floor and the rest of your body will sit upright. Your toes and arms will be touching the floor and they will be supporting your body weight and you will be holding this position for 30 seconds and as each day goes on you gradually increase the time you will be holding the position in.
For at least one day a week you should do cardio and this is important as you can burn any fat and also this can keep you more fit and it would be a lot easier when you do certain workouts. If I’m at home I would usually just run up and down the stairs several times or I have a dance work out DVD so I would watch that at times. When it starts to warm up outside I’m going to start going for jogs or even go out to ride my bike.
You should take out at least 30 minutes everyday and do a small workout, this is really important because you can make sure all your muscles get used just so you can stay fit and your body can get used to it also.
Sophie x