Revlon ColorBurst Matte & Lacquer Balms

Hey, so I’ve waited a while now for these Revlon ColorBurst Balms to come out in the UK as I loved their previous Balm Stains.  I thought these were going to be amazing especially the matte ones, they have 10 shades in the Lacquer Balms and also 10 shades available in the Matte Balms.  I decided to go for four matte balms and two lacquer balms, I will also give you a short review on them both.
They still have that same peppermint taste to them like the balm stains and the packaging is still pretty much the same apart from the texture of them. The matte ones have a matte texture to its packaging and the lacquers have a very shiny glossy look to them.

The formula of the matte ones are so creamy even though they still have that matte texture to them, as you apply them the colour pay off is so opaque and I absolutely love the way the colour comes out so strong.  As I mentioned before I bought four matte balms, the colours I chose were Shameless, Sultry, Unapologetic & Elusive.

Shameless – deep purple with a pink undertone
Sultry – mauve shade with red and nude tones
Unapologetic – Bright pink but not too bold
Elusive – Barbie pink with lilac tones
The formula of the lacquer balms are very gel and glossy like however you can’t even tell its on your lips as they won’t feel sticky.  The colour pay off is very sheer and subtle but you can still see the colour within them. The two shades I decided to buy were Flirtatious & Coquette.

Flirtatious – subtle reddish berry shade
Coquette – very light lilac pink

I just love these they only come at £7.99 each which I think is reasonable as they last a very long time and also the lasting of the balm itself is long as well.  Personally I like the matte ones better, I love matte products altogether.  You can pick this up from any drugstore I got mine at 3 for the price of too and you can also go in and sample the colours.
sophie x