Abs Workout Part 2: What To Eat




















I recently uploaded a post about a workout on how to get a perfect toned flat stomach and it doesn’t all always come down to working out all the time.  Making sure you have a healthy diet plays a big part in keeping a perfect maintained stomach.   I used to think healthy food was really boring, the thought of ‘healthy eating’ would literally annoy me because I love my sweets, crisps and fry ups however healthy eating doesn’t mean you stop eating, it just means finding another way to cook certain foods.  For example instead of frying an egg you could boil it or poach it.
Remember when you are sticking to working out everyday it is best to have 5 – 7 small meals, making sure that your lunch is the biggest meal and that its full of protein.  You can also snack in between meals with fruit or nuts.  Drinking plenty of water is very important, it clears out your system with any antioxidants also drinking green tea is really good. As it is full of vitamins and gets rid of a lot of antioxidants in your system as well. Bearing in mind when drinking green tea you will have to go to the toilet more often.
Today I am going to give you a small, quick and easy breakfast recipe filled with loads of protein and yummy flavours.
Ingredients: –
1 – 2 eggs
Handful of chopped basil
1 tomato
2 pieces of brown bread
Salt & pepper
Olive oil to grease the pan
·         Firstly grease a small frying pan and put it on a low heat.
·         Then crack your eggs in the pan and sprinkle your chopped basil on top.
·         While your eggs are cooking on a low heat, toast your slices of bread slightly.
·         Once your egg is cooked on both sides fold it over and sandwich it between your 2 slices of toast.
·         Add a pinch of pepper and your chopped tomatoes and then, that’s it ready to eat.
I hope you enjoy this quick breakfast meal as much as I do, I find it very filling and it certainly doesn’t lack any flavours especially with the chopped basil.  This is something you could eat for breakfast, lunch or even a quick snack.
Sophie x