All About My Hair

Hey guys. so today I thought I would talk about my hair. I never usually talk about it and that’s what most people usually ask about especially after dying it a lot in the past and generally how I maintain it. The questions I get asked most are, who cuts your hair? What do you ask for when you get it cut?
Who cuts my hair :-
I get my hair cut and styled from a girl that works in a hairdresser called JRS. I used to spend a fortune on just getting my haircut every few weeks, the only place I would go to was JRS. I have a friend of a friend who works for JRS, she also does a lot of freelance work and that’s who I go to now to get my haircut and styled.
What style do I ask for? :-
When I get my hair cut I only ask for a very short trim, a side swept fringe blended into my hair, feathered at the front and I then ask for choppy layers throughout my hair just to give it that extra body and shape. I have dyed my hair loads of times, I’ve bleached it, stripped it and yet my hair is still very healthy and shiny.
The first time I changed the colour of my hair was when I used to get my mum to lighten parts of my hair with a mild hair lightening bleach that people use for their face and back in the day I thought looked pretty cool because it was as if I had my own highlights. I then opted for a semi-permanent hair dye which was a purple/reddish colour and I loved the way it turned out so I went and changed it to a permanent colour. Over the years I started going lighter and lighter until it was a really bright shade of red but still looked natural. Personally I thought having red hair required a lot of maintenance as after around 11-12 washes it started to fade which meant I was dying my hair every month to keep my hair the same colour.
I then decided it was time to go back to black for a few months, I did enjoy  the change however I missed the red. I stripped my hair twice but it never took the black dye out my hair so I started lightening my hair until it became brown and then I started dying it again. Last year I went dark brown, I kept my hair dark brown for 6-7 months and even though my natural hair colour was dark brown I still had to dye it dark brown every month because I would always be able to see the red through it as I dyed my hair red for so long.
Recently I decided to go light brown, I had to bleach my hair twice to get the colour I wanted and had to suffer a day with “strawberry blonde” hair because I didn’t want to bleach it twice in one day. After a few days I dyed it a deep golden blonde colour and settled for the hair I have right now which is a golden brown colour. I have decided that I am going to go lighter but I’m going to wait till the summer kicks in and then I can go to a very light brown colour.
Come to think of it I have dyed my hair quite a lot, I always get asked how my hair has stayed so healthy, shiny and hasn’t damaged at all.  I do tend to get the odd split end here and there but I just chop them off. I always make sure I prepare my hair before I dye it, I try not to wash it regularly so I can keep as much of my natural hair oils as possible and when I do wash my hair the next day I always rub some Argon oil at the ends of my hair just so it doesn’t dry out. After I dye my hair I try not to wash it too regularly at the beginning as I’ve just put chemicals into it so letting your hair get its natural oils back helps prevent your hair from getting damaged.
When dying your hair try not to keep the dye on longer than instructed, remember you can always dye it again another day and keeping a chemical on your hair for a long period of time can weaken your hair and dry it out. My hair gets greasy within one day and if I’m not going out at the weekend I try not to wash it at all because natural oils are really good for your hair.  During the week I have a shower every day, I tend to wash my hair everyday as well as my hair won’t sit properly if I don’t wash it, It’s not good to wash your hair everyday but I always rub some Argon oil in the ends of my hair.
My hair is naturally straight so I don’t really use a lot of heat on my hair unless I blow dry it. I do use heated rollers on my hair so this keeps it away from direct heat, when I use a curling wand I only keep the curl in for 2-3 seconds and then when I take it out I put the curl back into its position, pin it up and once I’ve curled all my hair I take the pins out and the curls end up lasting a lot longer, the curls are also a lot bouncier and fluffier.
Shampoo and condition wise I use whatever I get my hands on but at least once a week I use a conditioner mask which just brings that healthy look to my hair and keeps it looking silky smooth.
To bring back some shine to your hair and to make it feel as fluffy as possible there are a lot of home remedies out there that you could try and would work brilliantly. You could use avocado this gives you a lot of shine and volume, you could also whisk some egg whites together until they get really fluffy and then add the yolk and some milk and this will also bring a lot of shine to your hair.

sophie x