February Favourites

 Hey guys, so this month I haven’t really ventured out much beauty products wise, I’ve just been using things that I have re-discovered and thought ‘why did I stop using you?’ There aren’t a lot of things for this months favourites but I’ve decided to talk all about the little  amount of favourites I have.
I’ve had a love hate relationship with this brush, I never used to like this brush and I felt as though it was so pointless however the past 2 months I’ve been using it literally every time I apply make up without fail. I’ve cut down on the make up I wear everyday and I’ve been using a lightweight liquid foundation and I’ve been applying it on with this Mac 188 brush. what I like about this brush us when applying foundation it only sits on the surface of the brush and blends it in very well, also I use a cream contour and when blending that in gives such a natural flawless finish. Once I’ve applied my blusher I also like to buff it in at the top to blend it in as it gives off a flawless finish, I use this throughout I when I apply my make up.


Also this month I’ve been using these Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Sticks to brighten and contour my face. I still love using the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick to contour however I only like using it on special occasions or if I’m wanting a further more defined contour.
The concealed sticks are just amazing, they are so creamy and they don’t crease and they blend so well into your skin. For everyday use I huts love it and at times I only use the sticks without a foundation underneath it.


I remember using the L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara a few years ago and I never used to like it because it was always too wet or watery and just gathered all my lashes together but I used it a few weeks after that and once it dried up a little more I instantly fell in love with it. It combs through your lashes giving it intense volume and lengthens it amazingly, with the long slim comb it reaches all your lashes including the small ones near the inner corners or your eyes. I’ve not been using any eye liners or anything apart from this mascara because it gives such an intense look on your lashes and adding eye liner wouldn’t give any justice to your lashes.



I’ve been loving this lipstick by Mac called Mehr, it is a matte finish however it isn’t too drying, it still is very creamy and is such a stunning complimenting colour. With this lipstick its like your own lips but better, it has blue undertones which makes your smile even more beautiful and looks amazing in pictures. It’s like a rose pink shade very similar to Cosmo and Brave by Mac.


I’ve absolutely been loving Mac eyeshadows the pigmentation you get off these are amazing and the blending quality is superb, however there are 3 eye shadows that have stood out for me this month and that’s Blanc Type, Texture and Cranberry.
Blanc Type is my most favourite it is your basic white shade and doesn’t have any colour or tint to it nor any shimmer. You don’t have to pack on this eye shadow as the colour pay off will stand out on the first time you apply it. I mainly use this on the inner corners of my eye and below my brow and on the odd occasion I may use it on my whole lid with a darker crease.
Texture is like a between a brown and orange, its basically a light brown with a peach undertone, which is very complimenting on the crease of your eyes as its not too dark and gives that more smouldering yet enhancing look to your eyes. It may look as if it has shimmer in it when you look at it in the pan however once its applied there’s no shimmer at all.
Cranberry is a beautiful colour and I’ve been using this on the outer V of my eyes re-placing a dark brown because it gives more colour to your eyes without overpowering it with way too much colour, it’s dark enough to give the depth in the outer part of your eye and looks really stunning on. This is a nice berry shade and has a slight pink tone and is slightly shimmery.
These 3 eye shadows look amazing on together with Blanc Type in the inner corners, your lid and below your brow, Texture on your crease and Cranberry on the outer V of your eyes, making sure you blend then all together very well.



Last but not least Buzz from the 3rd Urban Decay Naked Palette is my final favourite of this month. I’ve been applying this on my lids but I’ve been spraying fix plus on a flat eye brush and using the eye shadow this way and once I’ve applied it on my lids it looks amazing. Its like a dirty pink with an intense shimmer, the shimmer looks as if it has specks of glitter in it but it doesn’t, the effect it gives when you use fix plus is stunning. It applies on effortlessly and if you use Cranberry in the crease it looks even better making sure you blend it in very well.