All About My Hair: Products & Styling

Previously I talked about my hair, how I maintain it and how I’ve kept it so healthy after dying it countless times over the years. If you haven’t read the post yet you should definitely have a read as I have shared a few home remedies for your hair that I have used. 
Today I’m going to be sharing what styling products I use from heat protectants to hairs sprays and how I do my hair on a day to day basis as a lot of people always ask me how I get my hair to sit well throughout the day.
So starting off with the basics I use GHD straighteners for almost every style I do, from big bouncy curls , tight curls and loose waves. I’ve had GHDs for the past 12 years and only one pair has died on me, which were the very first ones that came out. I’ve got three pairs of GHD straighteners in my house one for my mum, my sister and myself, so you can tell we can’t live without them.
Also I’ve got a curling wand which has three different wand sizes, the small one giving you very small nearly zigzag like curls, the medium one which is thicker at the top and is thinner at the tip of the wand to give you very tight curls at the end of your hair and keeps it loose and bouncy near the roots/top of your hair.  The third and biggest sized wand gives bouncier curls and if you use a large section of hair you could get big loose waves, which I prefer.
I use a Babyliss hairdryer which does the job perfectly as I don’t like drying my hair bone dry, I just dry my hair slightly and let the rest air dry as I don’t want my hair looking frazzled either. I was hoping to get a GHD hairdryer but until my current one dies on me I’ll just wait.
I don’t like using a lot of products on my hair to style it or even protect it at times. I prefer using minimal amounts mainly because I don’t like the texture some sprays leave on my hair or the next day my hair ends up gathering in small bundles and it just looks horrible. Apart from my little rant there, I have some products I love using on my hair that leave a nice effect on my hair, giving it that extra volume and shine in my.
I love using the Mark Hill Salt Spray on my hair, mainly around the spring/summer time because it gives such a beautiful look to your hair, nice loose waves with some texture and it’s so effortless. After I blow dry my hair or even when I’ve not washed it for a day I spray this at the ends of my hair 3-4 times on each side and I just scrunch it from the ends to near the roots. I try to avoid touching the top of my hair because I want as much volume there as possible and by putting product there it will weigh it down. Sometimes after I do this I like to put my hair into a high messy bun and by having the salt spray in my hair gives it that extra volume and texture.
When I curl my hair I love using the L’Oreal Volumising Heat Protecting Spray, this gives extra volume to your hair when blow drying it, straightening it or curling your hair It also protects your hair and prevents it from frazzling or drying out. I usually apply this to wet hair and then blow dry it. Sometimes I use this when my hair is already dry, I use it at the ends of my hair before I curl it to give it that extra bounce and volume. Remember when using products like this you don’t want to use too much as you don’t want your hair to get weighed down, you want it feeling light and as fluffy as possible and this doesn’t mean use a little amount either.
When I have a shower at night I put my hair into 2 sections and plait it. I leave it overnight and in the morning I take the plaits out and put some VO5 Tousling Spray on it, this just gives it a nice tousled look to your hair and this looks extremely nice on long hair.  I then clip it half up or even put it to the side making sure I have extra volume at the top of my head.
I think I’ve mentioned this product before but I’m going to just rave about it more because I absolutely love it, there’s so many benefits with this product and that is the Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil. I use this nearly every day on my hair after I wash it and apply it to the ends of my damp hair and blow the rest slightly, I also apply a pea size amount on my hair after I curl it to give that extra shine and natural look to my curls. This keeps your hair so healthy and when you curl your hair the ends may seem a bit dry so I apply this oil to the ends and it just gives the extra healthiness your hair needs. This doesn’t leave a greasy feel to your hair or a greasy look unless you apply a lot.
Hairspray wise I have 3 different ones that I use for a particular use. The L’Oreal Elnett Satin Very Volume is perfect for when I want my curls to hold without a heavy hairspray making it feel hard or weighed down. You can’t even tell you have this hairspray on as it is so lightweight, this is really good to keep a style in place and keeps your hair feeling bouncy. 
The second one is the L’Oreal Elnett Flexible Hold and I use this for the front of my hair to keep my fringe side swept and to keep the waves at the front of my hair to sit a certain way. This is also a very lightweight hairspray, it doesn’t have as much hold to other hair sprays but it lets your hair sit perfectly and lets it flow without your style going out of place.
The third hairspray is the Tresemme Firm Hold and I only ever use this on very special occasions or if I am going to put my hair up as this hairspray is very strong and keeps your hair sitting firmly in one place. I don’t want to use it too much and I wouldn’t use it on curled hair or on my fringe as it is too thick.
On a everyday basis I don’t really use anything fancy to do my hair, my two tools that I always go for are my straighteners and teasing comb. I don’t spend more than 5 minutes on my hair I literally just curve my fringe with the straighteners away from my hair, back comb the crown of my head ever so slightly just to give that extra body and shape and I may even spritz it with a hairspray. Nothing special!
sophie x