How To: Flawless Foundation

Everyone wants that flawless, glowing red carpet face but you just don’t know how to get it. When you apply your foundation, blusher or bronzer does it ever seem patchy or it applies more to a certain area and doesn’t look flawless at all, or in pictures your make up just looks too obvious and sickly.
Well the key to having a flawless, glowing red carpet face is exfoliating and moisturising, whether you have dry, oily or combination skin it is a must to exfoliate and moisturise on a daily basis.

Exfoliating the skin takes away dead skin cells, it deep cleanses and it also helps get rid of dark blotches on your skin. It gives you that smooth canvas and will be a lot better when you apply your foundation. People say you shouldn’t exfoliate every day, personally I think you should only if you wear makeup every day or nearly every day even if it’s a little amount.
Its best to use a deep cleansing exfoliator that has loads of beads and more texture 2-3 times a week, and a more creamier softer one for everyday use. St. Ives and Sanctuary have really good deep cleansing exfoliators and Simple or Neutrogena have really good creamy exfoliators.

Moisturising keeps the skin looking more youthful and healthy, once the moisturiser has soaked into your skin it keeps it soft and smooth and when you apply your foundation it becomes more easier to blend.

Other ways to keep you foundation looking flawless is to use a primer and this will give you an even more smooth base. Here’s a tip for you, when you’re going to moisturise or prime mix them together before you apply it, it does the exact same job and you are likely to use less product.
Drinking loads of water gives you more healthy skin and eating the required amount of vitamins is essential to having glowing skin.

sophie x