Colour Correct

How many of you conceal blemishes, redness or even dark circles under your eyes? It has probably made the problem area slightly less visible than before but hasn’t completely evened out your base. The best thing to do before concealing is to colour correct the problem areas, this method neutralizes your complexion so any redness, dark patches or blemishes on your face will fade away depending on which colour corrector you would use. This is the magic behind makeup, you can enhance, erase whatever you want with just a touch of makeup.
There are different products you can use to colour correct such as moisturisers, concealers and even foundations, just remember the colour of the corrector will have to suit your skin tone, for example if you have dark skin you would have to opt out for darker correctors and if you have light skin then obviously more pale correctors will be best for you.
This colour chart tells you what colours you could use to neutralize your complexion. So if your face is all bruised up or you have very bad under eye circles then a yellow/orange corrector will counteract the blues and purples and make your skin tone more even.
If you suffer from a lot of redness then green or yellow correctors are used to neutralize the redness, people with fair/pale skin usually suffer from a lot of redness so they would benefit from this a lot. Dab a light amount around the redness and build your way up depending on how much coverage you would want.
People with darker skin tones are likely to have hyperpigmentation or discolouration on their skin so to neutralize this they will need orange correctors to counteract the darkness.  If you have Asian, olive or darker skin then you are more likely to benefit from this however those who have lighter skin could also benefit from this as they by using a peach corrector but those with lighter skin are likely to suffer
Yellow, peach, orange correctors will neutralize blue/purplish bags under your eyes, depending on your skin tone, so if you are really then you should opt out for yellow if you have medium skin then go for peach correctors and if you have dark skin then go ahead and use an orange corrector. Keep in mind the skin under your eyes is very delicate, it’s very thin so if you rub your eyes a lot or when you wipe your eye makeup off and you’re really harsh when rubbing it this will darken the skin, also try to get your full 8 hours sleep every night.
Lilac, lavenders toned correctors are normally used to brighten your skin tone if its grey or dull looking.
Once you have neutralized your complexion it’s good to conceal over it, especially your eyes, try and go for a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your actual skin colour.
There are a few brands out there that have an extremely wide range of colour correctors, such as Smashbox, Bobbi Brown and Makeup Forever.
Smashbox is really popular for their colour correcting primers they give a lot of balance to your skin tone.
Bobbi Brown have a good range of correctors for dark pigmentation, freckles or dark under eye circles.
Make-Up Forever have a really good range of palettes that have creamy correctors for any skin tone so you can colour correct and brighten up your face.
Mac have come out with a new collection on the prep & prime range which has a powder form in colour correction and a moisturiser/primer for colour correction. Mac also have four colour correct concealer palettes which suit people from pale to dark skin and I find these really handy, they last for quite some time and the it is full on coverage.
Also Stila have a colour corrector serum which is absolutely amazing, I use this as a primer and on top of it priming my face it also colour corrects it and fills in my pores. Hoping to do a review on this so look out for it.

I hope this was useful in some way, colour correcting your face can make that slight difference on how your make up would look. Also if you don’t like wearing make up all the time but you have slight discoloration on your face with redness or dark patches on your skin remember you could always use a CC cream as this will cancel out any discolouration.



sophie x