March Favourites

This month I’ve only tried out a couple of new products which I’ve enjoyed using however I have been sticking to what I have and I’ve got a few favourites that I’m going to be talking about. I love telling people about my favourites it gives others an idea of what’s good out there and what I would recommend, I also love hearing from other people what their favourites are as it gives me an idea also on what I should have in my life. So if you have any favourites then I’ll love to hear them as I’m always willing to try out new things.
Moving on to my favourites the two new products I have just fallen in love with are from a brand called NYX, the two favourites are the Jumbo Eye Pencil and the Lip Cream.
The Jumbo Eye Pencil is in the colour Milk which is a simple white shade, what I love about these Jumbo Pencils is they aren’t to creamy, that they will rub off nor are they to drying, the consistency is just perfect. I know a lot of people have raved about these Jumbo Pencils, now I know why, but they were so hard to find in the UK and I am not too keen on buying makeup online so I’m glad I found out the store Next, had a NYX makeup stand.
I also picked up a few lip creams and I have to say I’m absolutely in love with them as they are full of pigmentation and they aren’t sticky like a lip gloss. My most favourite lip cream so far is the shade Natural, it is a light nude shade with a slightly peachy tone, it looks perfect on its own and also looks amazing mixed with neutral lipsticks.
I am forever trying to find a bronzer that I am absolutely in love with, I’ve tried Benefit, Nars, Too Faced, Mac and also loads of drugstore bronzers however I’ve still not found the perfect one. Recently I’ve been using my Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium Deep again, I have to say it is not ‘the one’ however it is the perfect one for now as I am a big fan of cream contour and it’s hard to find a more subtle bronzer that is not overly pigmented and that isn’t too orange or musky looking. With the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish, it isn’t too sheer or anything, it is simply spot on to set cream contour.

As much as I love my L’Oreal Skin Correcting Moisturiser, it’s sadly finishing now and I would buy it again however I still want to try out other moisturisers as well. I’ve been wanting a moisturiser that would make my skin feel more tight so I thought of buying one that would benefit people with older skin, wrinkles and fine lines (not that I have wrinkles). I picked up the L’Oreal Age Perfecting Revivalist moisturiser, now I wouldn’t recommend people with younger skin to use this every day because I DO NOT use this everyday but I do use this 2-3 times a week and I have to say I do feel a difference on my skin. My skin feels more smooth and tight and also my pores feel really tight and less visible so I guess this moisturiser has worked

I am a big fan of exfoliating my skin, not only your face your body as well, however when I exfoliate my face I usually use my Botanic’s exfoliating brush to do it however my sister came home one day with the Soap & Glory exfoliating brush and I am totally in love! Not only does this brush look better it works amazingly, it’s really dense and flat so it exfoliates much better and I found with my other brush it started to shed its bristles after 5 months so I wasn’t happy with that.

I like to moisturise my body a lot and as much as I love my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturiser, the smell can get a bit sickly after a while also considering its spring now I’d rather have a moisturiser that has no smell or smells more refreshing. I went and bought the Vaseline Aloe Vera Spray & Go moisturiser and I am so in love! It’s so easy to spray a moisturiser, it’s quick, you get the perfect amount on and it smells so refreshing


sophie x