Lets Talk Make-Up Brushes

Over the years my collection of make-up brushes have grown so much, from cheap and cheerful make up brushes to high end good quality brushes, so today I’m going to share with you my most favourite brand of brushes and my most favourite individual brushes from different brands. Also I’m going to be posting a second part to this topic in another post so keep a look out for that, I’ll be telling you how I maintain my brushes, how I travel with them etc.

You really don’t need so many brushes, trust me! It is such a waste of money trying out so many different brands and I have tried a big variety of brushes from drugstore brands to high end brands and from that I have concluded that your most expensive brush could be the most rubbish quality of within the brush as in how it applies make up or the lasting power within the brush its self or it may even shed its hairs really quickly. Its best to look at brands that pay attention to their brushes more such as Real Techniques, Mac, Sigma etc.

My most favourite brand has to be Sigma, every single brush that I have used of theirs I’ve fallen in love with. Sigma have such a huge selection of brushes you could choose from, if you ever need a certain brush then Sigma will definitely have it. Sigma are always having really good offers on or discounts so you can save a lot of money and on top of that their brushes aren’t expensive giving the amazing quality and their lasting power.

I also like certain brushes from different brands such as Real Techniques, I love their buffing brush which I use to buff in my foundation on my skin, I also love some of their eye brushes as they are so dense or really fluffy that it does what it is supposed to do and they apply make-up precisely where you want it.

Brushes you need:


Everyone needs a brush to apply liquid foundation, I would recommend Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki or Real Techniques Buffing Brush. You cannot buy the buffing brush separately it would come in a package with 3 other brushes.


I like to use a larger brush to blend out my concealer, I personally like to use a foundation brush, you could use a flat foundation brush, the Real Technique one is really good or even their smaller pointed foundation brush. I would also suggest the Sigma Tapered F86 Kabuki, the best way to use the brushes is to continuously dab the brush around the area you want to conceal and it would look flawless.


Depending on how you set your make-up you would need a certain powder brush to set it with. For a loose powder its best to use a stippling/duo fibre brush, as the product won’t get wasted and these brushes blend loose powders in better than a dense brush. I would recommend either the Mac 187  Stippling Brush or the Real Techniques Duo-Fibre brush. Also these brushes are really good to blend out your blusher or contour so they don’t look too harsh.
For a pressed powder I would recommend the Real Techniques Blusher or the Multitask Brush as they both hold the product just on the top of the brush so once you apply the pressed powder to your face you will get full application and it will be blended nicely into your skin.


I find it hard to find a decent blusher brush, I don’t like my blusher all over my cheek, I like it precisely above the hollow parts of my cheeks and slightly faded on the apples of my cheeks. The best brush for me that applies blusher on really nice without being patchy is the Mac 128 Blusher Brush.


To contour my face I use the Mac 108 Contour Brush I prefer this brush to any other brush because its small and is really fluffy so it blends out your contour really nicely. I would also recommend the Real Techniques contour brush it’s more affordable and works just as good.


As much as I love contouring, I love highlighting my face just as much, I feel like I’m glowing when I highlight my face. When you highlight your face it’s best to keep away from larger brushes because you don’t want to end up having highlighter all over your cheeks. Keeping the highlighter precisely where only natural light touches makes a big difference. So the best brushes for this job is the Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush or the Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Contour Brush.


The one mistake I’ve seen countless people make when they do their eye make-up is using the same brush for different colours and then they wonder why their eyeshadow looks dull. You need at least 4 different brushes to do your eye make-up and one of the important ones is a flat shader brush. With this brush you can pack on a lot of colour on your lid, also when using pigments you can also spray some fix plus on the brush and apply some pigment. The best brush for this is either the Sigma E60 Larger Shader Brush or the IB114 Oval Camouflage Brush


When doing your eyeshadow people mostly go for a darker shade in the contours or their eye which is the crease line, so the best brush to blend and pack on colour precisely in your crease-line is the Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush, this blends out the colour really nicely and doesn’t leave any harsh lines, also the Smashbox #10 Crease Brush is amazing to blend out the shadow in your crease-line.


Everyone needs a brush to blend their eyeshadow out, with thus brush its best not to use any product on it and blend colours together or soften your eyeshadow especially when you’re doing a smokey eye. The best brush is either the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush or the Real TechniquesBase Shadow Brush.


Finally the last brush that you will need is a pencil brush, this brush will complete your look. You could use this brush in the outer corners of your eye (outer V) to extend or enhance your eyes or you could also use it below your waterline to smoke out your eyeshadow. The best brush for this is the Sigma E30 Pencil Brush, it is really dense so a lot of pigment will get transferred on to your eye.

There are other brushes like an eyeliner brush, lip brush, an angled brush for your brush however I don’t think there is a best one out there as they are all really good and work the same way.

sophie x