Lets Talk Make Up Brushes – Cleaning

In my last post I spoke about different brands of brushes and what brushes everyone who loves make up would need, or even if you are looking for a particular brush for a particular job, if you are looking to invest in new brushes then go ahead and have a read at that post, hopefully it will help you in some way. Sticking to the same topic, today I am going to share with you how I cleanse my brushes and how I travel with them, this is what works best for me so if you think you have a better way then why not share it with me.
Starting off with cleansing my brushes. I clean my everyday brushes at least once a week or every two weeks depending on how regularly I use them and then I clean all my brushes every three weeks. It is really important to clean your brushes out on a regular basis as brushes hold a lot of product causing bacteria to occur and this is not good for your skin as it can lead to breaking out a lot or really bumpy skin.
There’s nothing special to washing your brushes, it’s very basic and when you start cleansing your brushes a lot you get into a routine. I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and a pea sized amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I like using the baby shampoo as it’s very sensitive and it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that would lead to any damage to your skin, also it keeps the bristles on your brushes really soft. The olive oil is to condition my brushes making them a lot softer and this way your brushes won’t dry out and keep them in really good condition and will definitely last longer.





I wet the bristles first and then dab it into the shampoo and olive oil and then I just swirl it around in the palms of my hands making sure the shampoo has touched every part of the bristles.
After I’ve shampooed it I rinse it out, still swirling it around the palm of my hands under the tap making sure the temperature is warm. Some people think washing it out in hot water will get the product out but it won’t, not only it might damage the bristles it could lead to the glue melting in the brush which holds the hairs together which might cause your brush to fall apart. Also when washing your brushes make sure the water doesn’t go past the hairs as you don’t want water getting inside the part that’s holding the hairs together as it will end up washing the glue away causing your brush to fall apart.



When you have washed your brushes dry them slightly on a towel and since they are still wet shape them back into place so when they are dried out they haven’t lost their shape, let them sit at an angle facing down as any excess water will travel down and away from the core of your brush. Its best to wash them at night as in the morning they will be clean and dry to use.




I hope you found this helpful in some way.
sophie x