Lets Talk Make-Up Brushes – Travel

When I am traveling the one thing that I always find difficult to pack is my make-up brushes. I don’t like squeezing them into a bag or shoving them down the side of my suit case as for 1) the hairs start to lose their shape 2) brushes still need fresh air so if they are packed away to tightly then they would start smell or hold a lot of bacteria.
Lately I’ve been packing them away in the travel pack cases you get with the sets of Real Technique Brushes. I find these really usefull as each case hold 7-8 brushes and I have three cases with me so I can travel with a lot of brushes knowing they won’t get ruined or squashed.
You can also get long make-up bags to store your brushes in just making sure that the make-up bag is slightly longer than your brushes this way they won’t get ruined.
If you are wanting a more a more hardback case then Sigma Beauty have a Leather Travel Cylinder which can hold around fifteen brushes this is really good for people who have more delicate or expensive brushes that they don’t want getting damaged or in contact with anything that is likely to spill.
There is also a cheaper version to the Sigma Cylinder Travel Holder on ebay but remember the quality might not be as good.

I hope you found this post usefull in some way of you are either going on holiday or away for the weekend. Thanks for reading!
sophie x