10 Holiday Essentials

There is a limit to so many things you can take with you on holiday, if you could take your whole vanity then life would be so much easier, but let’s be realistic that is not possible. Today I will be sharing with you my essential products that I feel as though I always need when I go on holiday, hopefully this will help some of you that are going away.
Starting off with my hair, the one thing you don’t want, when you’re coming back from holiday is damaged hair. When going abroad the water will always be different, even if you don’t go to the beach the hotel water can still be different, hence the reason why they remind you not to drink the tap water. The water can dry up your hair really bad and even in the heat it can make it worse esspecially for people that have dyed their hair. I would recommend you to take a treatment oil, I use the Morrocan Oil, this is by far the best oil I have ever used and it works effectively, I use this before I dye my hair or when I am going to curl my hair, so taking it on holiday for me is a must.
When you’re abroad the one thing you don’t want to do is layer on so many products on your face; serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer etc. This is where a BB/CC cream comes in handy, I would recommend the either the Nara Tinted Moisturiser or the Smashbox CC cream, the both have SPF30, so this will protect your skin from any sun damage and also will keep your skin moisturised, also the coverage is perfect for holiday, it evens out any imperfections on your skin tone giving your skin that natural healthy look to it. I’ve been using the Nars one for a few days now, whenever I go in store to buy the full sized bottle in my colour they never have it in stock, so I got given a bunch of samples and one bottle will last you at 5 days depending on how much you use.
Charged water or Vitamin spray for me is a must when on holiday, even though the sun isn’t damaging your skin directly as you will be having moisturiser on your face, the heat could still do a lot of damage, either causing you to breakout, hydration or your pores opening up. So having charged/vitamin water is really handy for especially those who breakout so easily, this will give your skin that extra wake me up helping it prevent breaking out so quickly. I would recommend the Mac Charged Water, Mac Fix+ or even the Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist.
Another must have for going on holiday is taking wet ones along with you, having wipes in your bag will no doubt save your day. If you are swimming about in the water at the beach and you come out, the last thing you want is walking about with sea water on your skin especially when there are no outdoor showers about, so these wipes will come in hand to wipe yourself down quickly and easily. Also when you are doing some shopping and it gets really hot and clammy out and your skin will start to feel sticky then these wipes can save your day. Any wipes would do!
Another thing I think is a must to take on holiday is razors. When you’re on holiday you won’t be covering up much, so a lot of skin will be showing. Most of us will probably get waxed off before heading away on holiday however you never know when a razor will come in handy for those missed out parts or for a friend that forgot to wax.
Lip balm is a must for holiday! Even though a lot of cold can give you chappy lips, a lot of heat can also give you chappy lips, that is another thing you are not wanting in holiday is dry lips that are forever going to be cracking or feeling uncomfortable. Any chapstick will do, the one that I am a big fan of right now is Carmex.
Keeping your skin protected is a must when on holiday, you don’t want to get sun burnt, or have dry skin so a good moisturiser with a high SPF should already be in your suitcase.
Now you’re on holiday and you need to charge your phone, your camera, you need to dry you hair, someone else wants to use the straighteners or they want to charge their phone and you just don’t have enough sockets in the room. This is when taking an adaptor and an extension adaptor comes in handy. This will suit whatever country you are in and you can use as many things as you want. I can’t go on holiday without taking these two.


Now you don’t want to be taking any sort of pills along with you, I feel the two post important pills you should take are pain killers and diarrhoea tablets. Pain killers come in handy all the time, if you are suffering from cramps or you feel a temperature coming on then this will make you feel that extra bit better.
Now some people may think why would you need diarrhoea tablets, I haven’t got toilet problems or anything but when you are abroad you may end up eating something off or you might drink the water, and if it’s not you then it will be a friend in need. These will be so handy trust me!
I know this may seem a bit weird but plastic bags are really handy when you go on holiday especially when you need to pack a wet clothes away or if you want to keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes, this keeps yourself more organised and will be more easier when you are unpacking when you arrive back home.
I hope any of you who are about to go on holiday or maybe any time in the future this post will help you in any way. Thanks for reading!
sophie x