May Favourites

Once again in this month I haven’t been trying out anything new, well I have but I have to get into a routine to use those things to know if they are my favourites yet, for now it’s the oldies that are doing it for me.

I’ve used this for months and when my last bottle finished I realised how much I actually love this daily face wash and went out and bought another one. I’ve tried so many different brands of Tea Tree face washes and I’ve thrown many away, mainly because they always seem to have too many chemicals in them. However this one feels the most natural on the skin and my skin always feel refreshed and really cleansed.
Barry M have done it again, you would think what more can you do with a nail polish, matte, texture, magnetic now a stunning silk satin finish. I am so in love with this nail polish, it is a stunning pearl lilac nail polish. It is such an elegant colour to wear to your usual bold statement colours.



One day my mum and myself decided to go into town and ponder around the shops and while we were walking down those tempting make-up aisles she ended up picking two items and since selected beauty items were on offer (3 for 2) she told me to pick something. However, is it just me that feels when you’ve been put on the spot, you just seem to panic, well.. That’s exactly how I felt, I didn’t know what to pick so my mum had seen Maxfactor had launched a new line of nude lip-glosses so she picked one up in the shade Lustrous Sand. Since that lovely day with my mum, I have been so grateful, I have this lip gloss in my handbag all the time. It isn’t too pigmented nor is it too sheer, it is the perfect nude lip-gloss!



When Revlon had come out with the Matte chubby sticks, I got so excited and bought just about every single one and “surprisingly” my favourite has to be Sultry. I am such a big fan of Mehr by Mac and when I put Sultry on my lips it reminded me so much like Mehr. Sultry has got to be more moisturising and the peppermint taste is actually something I can deal with. This is a mauve reddish shade, it’s basically ‘your own lips, but better’.


This next product is an oldie but will always be one of my favourites, it is the Revlon Chubby Stick Balm in the shade Darling, it’s a sheer pinkish lilac balm and is very complimenting for an everyday wear. It is so moisturising on the lips and has that peppermint taste to it which again doesn’t bother me at all.


Mac pigments have got to be one of the best lines they have, I absolutely love pigments they stand out more for me than your average eye shadow. Mac came out with a collection, I think it was called ‘Night Divine’ I’m not sure, anyways they came out with the packs of five pigments and colours and I got treated to two of the three, they are all stunning products to have but this is currently my favourite. It is called Kitchmas, I think they have this is the mainline. This colour is just aaamazing, it’s a baby pink but has a stunning pearl sheen, if you have this all over your lid with Mac Fix+ on the brush and then Mac Soft Brown Eye shadow on the crease with a blacked eyeliner, it would look simple but very complimenting, perfect combo for an everyday use!


I’ve got this miniature Benefits Stay Don’t Stray Primer and it is such a good primer. This conceals your eye as well which is a bonus so you don’t have so many layers on your eye which always makes your eye shadow slide about. I’ve been using it on nights where I want my eye shadow to stand out more and last much longer without fading and this primer always does it for me!




I’ve been using this brush a lot when I do my eye make up it is from the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette and as much as I love the fluffy end which blends out harsh lines perfectly, I have to say the more dense side of the brush does it for me. When I want to apply a darker shade on my crease-line and I want it blended in really smoothly almost as it is fading out this brush is perfect for the job.
sophie x