My Make-Up Bag

So the other day I was changing my handbag and as I was changing it I came across my make-up bag so I thought it would be nice to do a post on what I have in my make-up bag. When I see my friends or even my sisters make-up bag I just feel the need to go through it, I enjoy seeing what they use in place of what I use as everyone does have different taste. So I thought you guys might like it.

Starting of with the make-up bag. I go through so many make-up bags a year, I either get pen marks all over it or the zip ends up breaking or a powder ends up shattering and the make-up bag gets ruined. So this make-up bag is nothing special, I got this a few months ago it was a couple quid from Primark and it’s nearly on its last legs.
Down to the goods that are inside, I don’t normally carry so much make-up around with me, this is just me adding a different lipstick each day not realising I already have some in my bag. Even though the make-up bag might seem so full there is actually a lot more space left inside so I could add a couple more things if I wanted to.
Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette – I like carrying this about with me as it holds all the basic eyeshadows a girl would need, it’s small and compact.
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – This is really convenient to carry about with you as it has a bronzer, highlighter & blusher all in one palette.
Bobbi Brown Nectar Blusher – This is a stunning blusher and on days that I don’t get a chance to do my make-up at home as I am always running late I like using this blusher. With Bobbi Brown blushers you don’t need to work with them too much as they apply smoothly to the skin without getting patchy.
Mac Prep + Prime – I have very oily skin so I usually have to just matte my face down a little, and the prep and prime translucent powder comes in handy for that. I don’t like using a pressed foundation because that is just adding more cake to the face.
Smashbox CC Cream – The small pot below the Mac prep + prime is fill with the Smashbox CC cream, the lady at the Smashbox counter gave me it when I wanted to test out the CC cream so now I keep it in my bag so whenever I don’t get the chance to do my make-up at home I do it on the go and once it is empty I just fill it up with some more.
Mac Studio Fix Concealer – Everyone needs a good concealer in there bag, whenever your make-up decides to get patchy, you could use a concealer just to even out the complexion.
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Balm – I absolutely love this balm, it moisturises your lips and tastes pretty nice as well.
NYX Lip Cream Natural – I love the NYX lip creams they are filled with so much pigmentation and I love the way this looks on. I’m not a fan of foundation lips but this is what it looks like but has a really nice peachy tint to it.
Smashbox Lipgloss – This is a very champagne like lipgloss, I prefer this on top of a nude lipstick it makes your lips stand out a lot, such a stunning gloss.
Maxfactor Lipgloss – Now this lipgloss is a new one and it is already one of my favourites, it tastes a bit like crème Brule but it isn’t sickening either. I like wearing this on its own it does hold a good load of nude pigmentation and makes your lips look really plump.
Chubby Sticks – Now with chubby sticks you can add some colour to your lips without them being over powering with too much colour, the first one its a sheer lilac from Revlon, the next one is a cherry red which is sheer and moisturising from L’Oreal and the last one is from L’Oreal also which is more of a Barbie pink. I normally wear these when I hardly have any make-up on.
Tweezers – I have to carry tweezers, sometimes when I an bored at work I end up fixing my eyebrows sad but true.
Perfume Bullet – I like these small perfume bullets, all you do it fill it with your scent of the day and your good to go for any touch ups. Sometimes I carry the samples you get at the perfume store but I haven’t got any recently so this will do me for now.
Container – Now in this small container I have a few Kirby grips and hair ties and some jewellery so it doesn’t get lost or ruined.
Smashbox Eyeliner & Mascara – The next two things are a Smashbox Kohl Eye Pencil which is amazing and so creamy! the Mascara is just a miniature one I had and I just carry this around with me when I don’t get the chance to do my make-up at home.
Lipsticks – The next three lipsticks are my go to lipsticks right now the first one is Mac – Mehr, this is like having your own lips but better, it looks stunning on. Second one is Bobbi Brown in Beige, this is such a beauty on the lips. Lastly is my most favourite nude of all time, it’s nearly finishing so I am going to have to restock on it and it is the Urban Decay in the colour Liar, this is sol moisturising on then lips and holds so much pigmentation.
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Hand Cream – I go through this like there is no tomorrow, it is so moisturising on the skin, and your hands feel moisturised for ages even after you’ve washed your hands, in love!
Mac Lip Pencil Soar – This just happens to be in my make-up bag because I didn’t get the chance to do my lips at home, but if you are in need of a versatile lip pencil for pink nude or peachy lipsticks then this is the one for you.
Pens – You never know when a pen comes in handy and I always keep them in my make-up bag just so my handbag won’t get ruined.
Finally that’s me went through what I have in my make-up bag, now I can go clean this up and put it away. Hope you enjoyed reading what I had in my make-up bag and maybe found this useful or interesting in some way.
Thanks for reading as always take care!
sophie x