Travel With Me – Stressed Skin

Travelling can be such a pain in the arse, it can cause a lot of stress, especially when you’re away up in the sky, all that pressure can lead to your skin either breaking out or going way to dry.

One mistake I make when travelling is wearing a full face of make-up, being on the plane with all that pressure makes your skin want to absorb as much moisture as it can so all that moisture goes deep into my skin causing me to break out and my make-up is literally just sliding about my face begging to get wiped away.

Now I’m not saying don’t wear make-up when travelling, just try not to wear as much and when you’re sitting on the plane, maybe watching a movie like me, you could start taking care of your skin, keep it feeling fresh and moisturised as much as you can even if you’re an oily person like me, trust me! Then half an hour before the plane lands just add some bb cream and concealer so you look beautiful walking about the airport, not that you aren’t beautiful already!

You can carry as much fluid as you want with you, as long as each container only holds a maximum of 100ml. Mostz beauty products are around 30-50ml, so carrying make-up on board with you shouldn’t be a problem.
Above are some products that I put together which could help anyone whos skin suffers from alot of traveling or just wants their skin to have that healthy glow.
Estee Lauder hydrating eye pads – people who suffer from puffy eyes or have dark under eyes then this is defos for you! You apply these pads just beneath your eye and there’s a gel like formula which keeps your eyes feeling very calming and stress free and it reduces puffiness. I don’t suffer from dark circles or puffy eyes, so I would skip this stage and just move on to toning my skin. I would use this once you have cleansed your face with a wipe.
Simple Travel Cleansing Wipes – You can take any facial wipes with you, I just prefer these more as they are sensitive to the skin and doesn’t hold too many chemicals. Before you are going you are going to treat your skin you want to wipe any excess make-up on your skin or any dirt before you start applying moisturiser.
Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner – This toner will keep your skin feel further cleansed and also will keep your skin feeling more tight. Since it is a pore refining toner this is really good as you will be under all that pressure which will cause your skin to stress and your pores will start opening to absorb as much moisture as it can. So this will reduce the appearance of your pores and keep your skin feeling tight. If you are using the eye masks then I would tone my skin after it, if not then once you have wiped your face then I would use this toner after it.
Clinique Thirst Moisture Surge Moisturiser – I am recommending this to everyone even my oily homies out there. I have really oily skin but even though my skin is always oily it still feels dehydrated, with this moisturiser it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day without the greasy feeling on your skin. It is water based so it soaks into the skin keeping it balanced and glowing. This will work amazing for anyone on the plane, your skin won’t have that horrible feeling, it would feel alot more refreshed. Once you have toned your face then I would move on to using this.
Clinique Thirst Moisture Surge Spray – This is optional but anyone who has really dry skin then this will be very handy as throughout the journey or even your holiday you can spray this on your face giving your skin that boost and a quick wake me up.
Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturiser – Not only should you keep your face moisturised but you should also keep the rest of your body moisturised. My favourite moisturier is this one so I would mainly apply this on my hand and arms because I don’t want them feeling itchy or dry either.
Bobbi Brown Colour Correct Concealer – once you have freshened up, cleansed and moisturised your face just before landing you could quickly do a quick touch up of make-up. If you don’t want any bb cream or foundation on you could simple apply some concealer to the problem areas to even out your skintone. I like this concealer as it conceals and corrects at the same time.
Smashbox bb Cream – you could skip this stage but I’m the kind to want to even out my skintone further more. The next time you are st a make-up counter you could pick up samples of a bb cream or favourite foundation, that way you aren’t carrying to much liquid or too many products with you and they are really handy especially when travelling.
Now all this may seem too little or alot, however these are just products I would recommend you can easily use something similar or even opt out of using it. Sometimes my skin does react badly when travelling so this small routine really does keep my skin under control and anyone out there who has the same problem would understand that horrible feeling on your skin in the plane.
Hope this helped anyone travelling!
sophie x