Dr Organic – Snail Gel Review

The thought of snail slime going on my face makes me quiver a little but it made me even more intrigued into buying it, so after reading how celebrities found this to be one of their holy grail products and it doesn’t help when Holland & Barrett have it placed right next to the checkout which made it too easy for me to pick up and pop into my basket, I finally decided to buy it.

Here’s a quick background description of the product, snail farmers noticed their skin healed a lot quicker without leaving a scar behind and feeling a lot smoother after handling snails through exporting them to the French food industry. Since discovering this, snail slime has made its mark in the beauty industry, places are doing live-snail-facials as a spa treatment, which can cost up to or even more than £160, how bizarre!
Snails aren’t harmed at all when gathering snail slime, they are allowed to walk freely on a special built glass and plastic structure, then it gets filtered and concentrated by vacuum evaporation to reduce the water content. After all that a few more ingredients get added into it to give the best possible outcome as it can.
Snail mucus, Helix Aspersia Muller, a substance that snails produce to quickly regenerate its own shell and skin when damaged. This substance contains a balance of beneficial components including Glycolic Acid which I spoke about in my previous post and Collagen, Elastin, Allantoin, Vitamins & Minerals, so you can understand how good this will be on the skin. This is all combined with Aloe Vera which helps soothe the skin from any redness and with lemongrass which gives that refreshing zingy smell.

Here’s my opinion on the Dr. Organic Snail Gel, it works wonders on your skin! It has so many healing properties which is good when my face decides to break out on me and also it fades fine lines and fades scarring which is a bonus because as I get older my skin will look more youthful. I love the packaging, a cute glass jar, I can tell slowly this is becoming my holy grail product so I would definitely recommend this to anyone out there who is wanting something different and healing in their skincare regime.
Many people like to apply it to their face then moisturise then prime then put there make up on, personally I think this is too much on the skin so I use it as a night time serum situation, as when you sleep that’s why your skin heels the most so this will help with repairing the skin. Once I’ve applied this lightly on my face, keeping it away from my eye and under eye area, I then moisturise with a night time moisturising cream.

It is £19.99, at first I grudged paying that but when you see such great results you wouldn’t mind paying that amount, so for the product itself the price tag is pretty decent!

Hope you found this useful! If you have any questions or opinions on this product then let me know! Thanks for reading take care.

sophie x