Sunglasses For You!

Are you finding it hard to find the perfect shades? Well look no further, todays post consists of me giving out a helping had to find sunglasses that would suit your face. Recently a friend asked me to go shopping with her because she wanted to invest in a good pair of sunglasses but she wanted advice on what would suit her best and was looking for ones that she could pair with any outfit whether it be something casual or formal. Let’s just say she was very happy about her purchase!
So the first thing you want to do is look at what frame of sunglasses you want and to do this you need to look at what shape of face you have. So lets just clarify the shape of your face, is it diamond, square, heart-shaped, round, oblong or oval?
Now this will make it easy for you, down below I’ve narrowed it down to what shape of sunglasses would suit your face.

For the girls out there with a diamond or square face then aviator or the wide rectangular framed sunglasses would definitely suit you best! The brand I think that have the most complimenting aviator and rectangular frame sunglasses is Ray Ban, there sunglasses are so simple, yet they can complete any look.

Heart-shaped, round or girls with an oblong face should look for sunglasses that are more wide at the sides, so anything that is over-sized or even cat-eye sunglasses will look amazing on you! There are so many different styles to over-sized sunglasses, I personally prefer my over-sized sunglasses with slim legs but the wider legs look nice as well. These type of sunglasses are very easy to find in the high street.


All my oval face girls out there, how lucky are we? Girls with oval shaped faces can pull off any kind of sunglasses out there, my personal favourite are wide rectangular ones, the wayfarer ones from Ray Ban and aviator ones, I hardly ever opt out for the over-sized ones or even the cat-eye frames.
After you know what frame will suit you, then all you need to do is know what appearance your going for, something bold with colour or the classic black or gold look.
Hope this helped anyone out there that is finding it hard to look for the perfect sunglasses!
sophie x