Back To The Gym


Since I came back from holiday I haven’t set foot in the gym once, shocking ain’t it, considering I couldn’t get out of that place before I went away. Let’s just say coming back to Glasgow got me a bit depressed and I got a tad lazy and just couldn’t get myself to get up and go to the gym, in my favour Ramadan was around the corner so there was no point going to the gym for 2 weeks and then not going for a whole month, so I thought after Ramadan I’d better go!
Even though I didn’t go to the gym I did still do my tiny bit and do workouts here and there at home and went on a lot of walks. However I haven’t stopped eating healthy, healthy eating is a must for me, if I were to live off junk food my body would just reject me and sleep all day, I would feel yucky and saggy inside. Eating healthy keeps the inside of my body feeling great and clean, also I feel more awake and have a lot more energy. A smoothie or cooler every night which is always packed with a variety of fruits does me good, then at least two healthy meals, such as a stir fry filled with loads of vegies, or my favourite steamed salmon marinated in garlic and basil and other spices with sweet potato mash, green beans and sweet corn (mmm, my mouth is literally watering now).
So I went to the gym for the first time in a long time the other day and after pushing myself to go there, when I finally did get there, it felt as though I was at home ahh! I am not a gym freak, but everyone who goes to the gym knows that feeling you get when you have a good work out, for me it’s just a matter of actually getting myself off my arse and going.
I went straight to stretches and then on the weight machines, just for now I want to stay away from cardio, I feel as though with all the running around I do outside gym is enough cardio for now, plus I want to tone up first.
Once I get into a routine of being back to the gym I’ll fill you in on my routine, so look out for posts all about all the different smoothie/coolers I make, I am forever getting asked about them. Is it just me that doesn’t like going to the gym alone, when I go to the gym I go for like two hours (lol), I like a good blether and I always have a good break, but I make sure I set harder intense sets between workouts. My current gym buddy (aka my sister) is getting lazy, holla at me if you’re willing for me to be your gym buddy.
Anyways, I know I’ve been lacking a lot on posting about my health & fitness, but they will now be going up regularly, tc.


sophie x