August Favourites

So I just realised we are now in September and thought I need to get my August favourites up, so here goes this is my August favourites most, infact all the items in this months favourties are new and ones I’ve really been enjoying using.

Starting off with the derma roller, I’ve been using this for a month or two now and what a huge difference it has made in my life. My skin feels a lot more smoother, more even, more radiant, my blemishes have literally just disappeared, also i have little tiny pores around my t-zone and I have to say they are slowly becoming less visible. I’m not going to talk about this too much, i’m just waiting on more of a result then i’ll do a full review on that, so if you are wanting to know more about the derma-roller then look out for that post.


Since I’ve been using the derma-roller my skin has gone quite dry, obviously because the top layer of my skin is wearing, so I’ve been using The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Time Essential Oil every other night, I always use it after I’ve used the Snail Gel because that is a repairing gel so the essential oil helps further as it keeps my skin moist throughout the night.


I was able to get a bunch of things from The Body Shop including this Seaweed Facemask, this is supposed to draw out the impurities from your skin and clarify it and this does exactly what it claims to do. My skin feels a lot more soft and clean and as a mostly oily/combination skin type person my skin type is starting to feel more under control.
I’ve raved about how great this product is in another post, I think it was something to do with traveling, but anyways, it has become a holy grail! Everyone needs this in their life whether you have extremely oily skin or whatever this is such a lightweight very gel like wet moisturizer, it soaks into the skin very quickly, isn’t thick at all and doesn’t clog up your pores. Being a beauty blogger I am lucky to be able to try out different products all the time and the lady at the Clinique counter gave me a huge bunch of samples, full sized products and I was actually going to repurchase this item but I ended up receiving it.


You all know how much I love keeping my body moisturized, especially my hands and feet, I hate the feeling of dry hands or dry feet so I like to keep on top of keeping my body under control. So many people have talked about this moisturizer in particular from The Body Shop and wow what a difference, even when you wash your hands they are still soft from after using this product, also it doesn’t have a strong smell so you can bear with having this on all the time.



I’ve been looking for a skin toned eye liner for a long time now, white is too bold for me so when I found this one from Maybelline, I felt so happy, I wear it near enough everyday, been trying to keep my make-up very natural.
For me, my brows have to look perfect before I go out that front door, and I’ve been so busy and delayed in the mornings and doing my make-up every morning has become such a stress, so I started using the Mac Brow Pencil in Spiked and I feel as though my make-up is getting finished a lot more quicker. I love how this pencil is really thin, you don’t need to sharpen it and for me, the ends pf my brows I like them to have a sharp point and this pencil does it perfectly.
I recently got a whole load of NYX products and I got a big munch of lip liners, and one that stood out for me was the shade Peek-a-boo Neutral. This is basically similar to Mac-Soar but has more of a peachy skin tone to it, it is perfect for everyday and similar to the whole rave on Kylie Jenners lip colour. Also the amazing thing about this is it is so cheap I think they are like £3 each.
Lately I’ve been called off from using mascara, I literally hate to have to deal with taking it off every night, then one day I thought I am going to be one of those girls that wears lashes every day I was looking for ones that looked very natural yet still wispy and I ended up falling in love with these ones. Then when I went to use them i realised they didn’t come with glue, and then it said on the packet they wear pre-glued. Then I put them on and omg, it took like 2 seconds to put on my eyes, I didn’t have to put glue on them, or wait for the glue to dry or anything. These will last a good few uses and then it comes with an extra strip of glue for each lash as well. Just remember not to fiddle about with the lashes too much because you don’t want to take away the stickiness.
sophie x