Becca Highlighter – Opal

remember when I first started my blog I always had uploaded quick short reviews on products very regularly, so I thought I’de get back to doing those quick short reviews.

Today I’m going to do a quick review on the Becca Highlighter in the shade Opal. As a beauty blogger, you get to talk to other beauty bloggers and you start recommending products to each other and the amount of times I’ve been told great things about this highlighter is unbelievable. Then one day I was in Space Nk and came across Becca Cosmetics, you should of seen the look on my face, I get so ridiculously happy about make up, it’s become a joke. Anyways I started swatching all the products and writing my wish list at the same time and then when I took a swatch of the highlighters, my heart started to melt.
The texture is so creamy, the colour pay off is just brilliant, so I decided that I’m not going to walk away without buying the highlighter in Opal.
The colour of the highlighter itself will suit any skin-tone what so ever! I’m going to compare this to Mac – Soft & Gentle which is a favourite of mine however the Becca one seems to do a better job, the texture the way it applies is a lot better, I little goes a long way and I find this more noticeable. I also find with the shimmer and the sparkle in this highlighter is more compressed together than soft and gentle.
If you ever feel like you want to treat yourself & you feel like you want an highlighter then you should defos treat yourself to the Becca Opal highlighter. It’s £30, quite pricey for a highlighter, but don’t get me wrong, you do get what you pay for, the quality is too good!

sophie x