Hourglass Lipstick – Peace






A while back I was looking for Hourglass Cosmetics and everyone was saying I’ll find it at John Lewis but whenever I went I couldn’t find their make-up counter. Then recently I spoke about how I was in Space Nk and I purchased the Becca Opal Highlighter and that day I also purchased a few other things including the Hourglass Lipstick in Peace (Space Nk is my new favourite store).
Let’s just take a moment and admire the packaging, it reminds me of the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick packaging, a dark metal casing, I love how it’s a heavy bottle, like it’s not lightwieght at all, holding it feels expensive.
Now the lipstick formulation is one of my favourite, it is so creamy and the colour pay off is amazing, very similar to the Urban Decay Lipsticks infact. It keeps my lips really moisturised and the colour will last on your lips, it won’t fade over time unless your eating and drinking etc. The colour I picked is a very common colour I go for, however it is more of a skintone nude rather than a pink nude which I love matching with a heavy make-up look as it keeps the balance of colour just right. It does come in the high end prices at £22, I’m not going to say you need this but if you’re going for a small treat for yourself or someone else then take a look at their lipsticks.
sophie x