The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-Oil


For a while now I’ve been using a tool called the dermaroller, I’ve smoke about this a few times and It is basically very tiny needles that you roll over your skin which then leads to your skin gradually getting more even, scars will fade as will blemishes. Just to let you know this is not all, it’s slightly prickly on the skin and your skin doesn’t bleed either. Our skin naturally responds to trauma and helps make the problem better so the dermaroller causes the trauma therefore your skin wants to heel more.

Anyways since I’ve been using this its caused my skin to dry up a lot in small patches, and one thing I hate is dry skin it looks disgusting especially when you wear make up.
Then about a month ago I picked up the Vitamin E Serum-Oil from The Body Shop & omg, literally the first night I used it, the next day my skin had been the softest it had ever been. I applied it before I went to bed without anything else on my face. I don’t use this everytime because i personally like sleeping with nothing on my face at all but when its that time where I need something to recover my dry skin then I apply this beauty.
Another thing I love about this is it has vitamin E, which gives the skin that healthy glow.
This is a must have product and you literally need the tinest about to do your whole face and it will last you a very long time.
sophie x