Yummy Berry Cooler






The most common smoothie/cooler I go for is the berry cooler, it is so refreshing, tastes delicious and is very healthy.
To me it’s very important to have a good amount on fruit and vegetables on a daily basis raw and cooked so making a smoothie etc for me is good way to start off especially because there’s a variety intake of fruit.
So all fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants but berries are the best sore for a rich amount of it. There are various types of antioxidants that reduce many risks and benefit you in many ways such as having healthy hair & skin, reducing the rush of memory loss, arthritis,macular degeneration etc.
These are ‘juicy foods’ so they contain a lot of water, which means you are likely to fill up more easily, a way of losing weight.
Any berries you like
Handful strawberries
Handful raspberries
Handful blueberries
A few mint leaves
Cup of liquid (summer fruit juice/ Forrest fruit juice)
3/4 ice cube
All you have to do is pop all the ingredients into the blender and blend away till there are no bits.
Hope you enjoy it.
Sophie x