Barry M Nail Polish – Paprika


without matte topcoat. 



with matte topcoat.


Maybelline Color Show – Vintage leather £2.99 | Barry M Gelly – Paprika £3.99 | H&M topcoat – Matte £1.99


My favourite time of the year autumn/winter, pathways covered with golden, burnt orange and yellow crispy leaves, ice cold fresh breeze, hot chocolate with a hot water bottle at night, German market coming soon in the City Centre, Ice Skating, the Irn Brun carnival (lol), Christmas lights getting put across the country, the atmosphere is just lovely to be surrounded in.

Just to let you know I’ve done my winter shopping, I’m not sure if I should do I post on what I bought or put some outfits together. Hmmm decisions.
I’m the type of girl that rarely ever goes for coloured nails unless it’s going to be red, I like my neutral colours, the beiges, blacks, whites, dusky pinks etc. One favourite of mine is the Maybelline Leather Look nail polish, however when I went back to purchase my second bottle they no longer stocked it which was pretty gutting for me. As this nail polish was the perfect autumn colour, it’s like a burnt orange brown, more brown I would say, what I love about it is, it was a leather finish which is basically  like a matte finish, I like matte finish nails, they have a kind of elegance to them, this shade goes with absolutely anything and it goes with any skin tone as it has the warmth in the colour.

Anyways they didn’t have it in stock, so I looked everywhere to find something similar, Superdrug was a big no! Then I went to Boots and was looking through the Barry M stand and I felt as though I won the lottery or something, the happiness I got after finding the exact same colour nail polish was a bit sad to be honest. Even though it isn’t a matte finish, I thought I could just use a matte top coat and I personally am a big fan of Barry M nail polishes. It looks lovely on the nails and anyone will suit it, so grab yours!

sophie x