Mac Lipstick – Pander Me, Matte Finish




Hey, I hope your well, I’m trying to get back into a routine again, start blogging regularly.

I’m going to keep it short and sweet for you guys! I found the perfect lipstick for this winter, I’m going to put it in the nude category. It is a Mac lipstick so no doubt about the amazing quality, it is a matte finish, my most favourite finish and it’s a nude.
Well it’s like a tan colour, it has no pink undertones at all, it’s like a very subtle brown, very nude, I don’t want to say it has a peach tone to it but it does, but it’s not too obvious. I think it’s perfect for winter because, all these fashion trends with your very simple outfits and very simple colours, a very simple lipstick will complete the look. Usually people say keep it simple and go for a bold lip but that is so last year! The more simple you are, the better you look!
You can wear this lipstick with a heavy look or a very subtle make up. What I also love about this is the warmth in the colour, it will go with absolutely any skin tone, anyone will be able to pull it off. So if you are interested in a new lipstick then definitely go for this one Mac Lipstick in the shade Pander Me, you will not be disappointed. Also it is limited edition, so grab it while stocks last!

sophie x