October Favourites

I know I didn’t put any monthly favourites last month because I wasn’t really using anything apart from the stuff I use on a day to day basis and then I was like I don’t really have any favourites that I feel are worth talking about so I just left that out. However this month I have some good stuff to talk about, I’ve been taking care of my skin more (I don’t have sensitive skin at all but I decided to treat my skin as though it’s sensitive) and I can see a huge huge difference in my skin.

Updated skincare routine? Hmmm…

Anyways on to my favourites starting with my most favourite is the Mac lipstick in Pander Me, this is limited edition I believe they still have it in stock so grab it while you can because it is the most perfect thing in a bottle. Full review went up recently on my blog.

I have to use a lip liner before I apply lipstick, if I don’t wear a lip liner it’s like wearing eye liner with out mascara or highlighting without contouring, it is a must!! Anyways I picked up this lip liner from Maxfactor in Brown n Nude, what a beauty on the lips, I don’t only line my lips with this, I fill my whole lips with this and use pander me on top and it will last all day, no touch ups needed because the Maxfactor lip liners have a very wax like consistency which makes it hard to rub off from the lips, wearing these on its own will feel very awkward on the lips you need a product on top so the waxiness can stick to it. Anyways I love this… A lot.

The next thing I’m in love with is the Sleek Ultra Mattes palette. Now we all know how amazing and affordable Sleek Cosmetics products are so there’s no doubt in the quality in this product because you will not be disappointed. What I love about this palette is the colours, the deep earthy colours that are perfect for the winter, and what’s more perfect is they are pure matte so it’s nice for everyday especially to add a pop of colour in the under eye area or even the outer corners of your eye.

I’m also in love with the Barry M nail polish in paprika, such a beautiful colour especially for this winter time and it goes with every skin tone. I like to add a matte top coat to this because it looks a lot better than the extreme glossy finish.

The next product is an oldie, I was a big fan of this a couple of years ago, well the original one and then I saw it a few weeks ago and thought I had to buy it. It is the Lancôme Hypnose Mascara, there are different types to the Hypnose Mascara however I opted out for the Dramatic eyes one as this one was the most closest to the original. I love how the length of the brush is long so it catches all those lashes, also it doesn’t leave your eyes clumpy at all.

Moving on from make-up to skincare, I’m not going to tell you my routine just the products I’ve been using I’ll leave that for another post. Starting with cleansing, I recently got the Clinque ‘take the day off’ cleansing milk. I’ve used so many different cleansing milks including the Liz Earl, Clarins, Simple etc and not one does a good enough job than the Clinique one. I do love the Liz Earl a lot but the after feeling from the Clinique one is just a lot better. Once you use this your face feels very very clean.

I’ve also been using the Clinique foaming wash, this cleanses your face further and it’s very sensitive to the skin which is bonus for me and also the tiniest amount goes a long way. I was using the mild foaming wash before which is another favourite however I felt as though I kept using so much product and it would finish so quickly. But this one is just as good.

And to moisturise my skin, I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser which doesn’t really need much for me to say about, literally everyone uses this it does an amazing jobs, doesn’t clog up your face and works with any skin type.
That’s all my favourites for this month I hope you enjoyed it!

sophie x