Rekindled my love with Hypnose

I am a huge fan of the L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara and that’s no secret but before I discovered the Telescopic the Lancôme Hypnose original was my holy grail. So when I ‘lost’ my Telescopic (found it in my sisters room) I went out to get a new one but then I thought ‘you know what I’m going to opt out for a bit of change’. So casually walking around the make up counters in House of Frasers, I looked at every brand of mascara and they all just seemed a bit naff to me but then when I reached the Lancôme counter I noticed my holy grail chilling in the corner and I realised how much I missed it so went to go get it. However the lady at the counter said which Hypnose are you wanting and and she showed me the different ones, so there’s Doll eyes which separates them further gives your lashes a lift, like more curled, there’s Star which has a slight different tone of colour, I don’t want to say glittery but on the lines of specks of glitter within the mascara and then there’s Drama which fans out the lashes more giving it a feathered look, and adds more volume and length and not to forget the original. Anyway I went for the Dramatic eyes Hypnose Mascara.





It came in a gift set with an eye make-up remover and an eyeliner, which was £22 and that’s the exact same price for the Hynose Mascara alone. I literally just bought this two weeks ago and it’s bumped up to £22.50 and that’s without the gift set, I’m not sure if the gift set is available.
Anyways I love this mascara, and anyone who wants a further lift to their lashes, more volume and length then go for this and for that price I think it’s pretty decent because mascaras from the drugstore aren’t much of a difference in the price tag.
The eye make-up remover is amazing I use this when I have a lot of eye make up on and the eye liner is so good, it’s so creamy and proper black and is just simply a decent eye liner.
Hope you liked this quick short review.

sophie x