What I’m Wearing This Winter 2014

Hey lovelies, hope you are all well! I’m just having one of those days where I’m excited about the day because I have no plans but so much to do, if that even makes sense.
However lets just take a minute and talk about how cold it has gone, I remember last year wasn’t a bad winter at all, this year just seems to get colder and colder every time I step out my front door.
Who says you can’t wrap up warm and look stylish at the same time? Not me! I think it’s good to make an effort in how you look, you tend to feel good aswell and be more confident. Anyways down below I’ve put some outfits together that I will be wearing this winter, they will keep you warm, they are vey stylish, just remember you don’t always have to go for that exact look you can switch it about, use a different colour to your liking.
The first outfit I wore on Bonfire night, I was outdoors for most of the night and it was a very cold night, but surprisingly I wasn’t as cold as I thought I would be, I wasn’t even wearing a coat.
I hope you enjoy reading about these and why not help a sister out? Let me know your trends this winter, hashtag #insideoutfashion on Twitter or Instagram and I’ll love to check them out!