Who Doesn’t Love a Gift – The Beauty Edition

Hey lovelies, so Christmas lights are getting switched on next week and it made me just think how close Christmas is and then I thought PRESENTS! One thing I hate is getting a gift for someone especially when you’re at work and everyone does Secret Santa and you don’t have a clue what to get the person.

So today I thought I could help you if you are looking to buy a present for your wife, sister, friend, cousin, work colleague, even if it’s a little treat for a special someone just take a look down below and you will find something decent and I’m very sure they will love it! The price ranges from high to low so if you’re on a budget you will find something and if you are wanting to splurge a bit then you will still find something. If you are even one of those people that personally like the items why not make a wish list and show whomever you want to get the items for you.

Starting off with Mac Cosmetics, every year they come out with a holiday collection inspired by something, this year it is “Keepsake”. I personally love the miniatures, they are definitely worth the money because you hardly ever finish a lipglass or a pigment or glitter so having miniatures is good because they then come in a set, so you have variety and it is cheaper when you work it out. The rest I’m not a fan of just because I don’t like compacts that have blusher and eyeshadow init or eyeshadow palettes that are in a weird shape.
  1. Mac Cosmetics, Lips & Eye Bag – £39.50
  2. Mac Cosmetics, Keepsake Eyes – £32
  3. Mac Cosmetics, Face – £42
  4. Mac Cosmetics, Exclusive Eye & Lip – £45
  5. Mac Cosmetics, Glitters & Pigments – £26
  6. Mac Cosmrtics, Lip Glass Set – £26
  7. Mac Cosmetics, Brush Kit – £42
With Benefit Products I do like them because of the quirky packaging, it’s really cute but the products within the gift set aren’t exactly exclusive or anything, it’s just products they already have put together and majority of these gift sets are very similar. But if you have ran out of the products and need to stock up then I guess it is a way of saving money as well.
  1. Benefit, Sweet Tintations – £19.50
  2. Benefit, Beauty Bon Bons – £39.50
  3. Benefit, SugarGlam Fairies – £44.50
  4. Benefit, Complexion Confections – £39.50
  5. Benefit, Do The Bright Thing- £26.50
Here are a few random gift sets that I have had my eye on and think are must haves this Christmas. These ones are definietly worth the price you’re paying.
Hope this was helpful in some way for anyone out there, I will be doing a skincare edition, one purely on designer items and maybe even one for the Men out there.
Enjoy your Christmas shopping!
sophie x