Even Better Skin With Clinique

The other day, I posted my November favourites and I included the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector, which is absolutely amazing and then I thought I might aswell do a good full on review of the product.

Clinique’s Even Better range has to be my favourite range of theirs, as I have seen such a huge difference in my skin since using it.
With this range you get so many products including an eye cream, serum, moisturiser, hand cream, soap bar, foaming cleanser etc. However I personally would recommend the Dark Spot Corrector Serum, the Even Skin Lotion & the Dark Circle Eye cream, because I have seen amazing results from these and even better results when you use them together.
This range boasts about how it evens out the skin tone, for people with sun damage, acne scarring, dark pigmentation, age spots etc & is also suitable for people with any skin types.
All you do is apply the dark circles eye cream under your eye area, (I miss out this step as I don’t have any dark under eyes), then you would apply this serum on and once that’s soaked into your skin which only takes a few secs you would go ahead and apply your Clinique even better moisturiser.
You can also use it on your chest, back of your hands etc. It’s recommended to be used twice a day, everyday, to see results. Results will be visible from 4 weeks, onwards.
Now a few years ago I had really bad acne, and I was left with some scarring, over time the blemishes did fade but I wanted my skin tone to be even more even, plus if I do scar, I scar really badly. I’m not the type to spend £50 on a serum but when I used the sample which lasted over a month I seen a huge difference in my skin, so I had to get the big bottle.
Hope this helped with anyone that is looking for a product that will even out thier skintone, fade scarring etc.
Sophie x