Me, MIA?

So everyone has been asking what’s going on with my social websites, Instagram, Facebook etc. Well I decided to delete them, many of you were thinking that mine got cleaned up with the dodgy accounts but no not at all i decided to delete mine 3-4 days before it happened. Reason being this is because the next few weeks, maybe months I’m not sure yet, but I’ve decided to go on a break from all this. I’m not saying I won’t come back but I won’t be back so soon, I know my Instagram is permanently deleted, I’ve been meaning to make a new one so I’m fine with that. Also the rest has just gone for the time being, my blog will still be here to view I might upload a post now and then but they won’t be as frequent. In fact I still have my Twitter haven’t used it in so long, but if you ever want to tweet me or drop by say ‘hi’ then you can just tweet me on @sophsalix or even on snapchat & see what I get upto @sophsalix .

However saying all that, when I’m back there will be some changes, ‘good changes’ yay! I’ll be posting 3 times a week, one day beauty, one day fitness related and one day fashion related. I will be all hands on with the blog & hopefully get some collaborations going on with other bloggers, because everyone likes to see a bit of variety from time to time.
Also every now and then I’m going to throw in a bit of lifestyleness into there, I mean I’m sure I’m not the only one but seeing what someone gets upto on a day to day basis is quite interesting (not stalkerish).
Anyways I hope you are all well, hope you all have an amazing Christmas & an amazing New Year! Wow time has went by so damn quickly!
Take care
Love Sophie x