Gucci Nail Polish – Wild Amarena



Hey my lovelies, I know my blog has been a bit deserted lately, I’m really sorry it’s just so hard to find anything to talk about as I can’t apply make-up as I have so many cuts etc & then I can’t work out as my right side is in bandages and my appetite is a bit messed up with the heavy medication and to top it all off I’m dressed in my dads clothes, literally.
So my sister is a nail polish fanatic and I’ve decided to just blog about that for now.
I got her two nail polishes recently one being Burberry and the other one being this stunning Gucci nail polish in the shade Wild Amarena. It may seem like a standard red colour but it is actually very different to your standard red. It has a slight tone of purple in it, its a very stunning & sexy berry red shade.
I personally think it goes with any skin tone, it warms into the skin, it is a very glossy statement colour.
I love the packaging to this nail polish, one thing I love about designer nail polishes is the heavy duty packaging. I love how it is a heavy bottle, especially the print on cap which is my fave and Gucci haven’t over done it at all.
sophie x