Burberry Limited Edition Nail Polish – Gold


Does this not just look stunning to you? I just love the packaging to this. I got my sister this, I initially was going for the standard collection in the colour khaki, but thought why not just go for the limited edition one. So this is the Burberry Nail Polish from the Xmas limited edition collection in the shade Gold. On the website I personally wasn’t keen on the colour gold but it isn’t actually gold.
In fact it is a nude nail polish and it has a slight sheen/sparkle gold to it. its not got glitter knit but it is still not a dead on sheen its in between, saying that it is just a very stunning colour. I think this is the type of nail polish when you want something fancy on your nails but not such a bold statement colour, like red or blue etc.
My favourite thing about this is the stunning packaging, the gold cap with the Burberry print finely engraved looks very classy. As it is Limited Edition it doesn’t look like the standard Burberry Nail Polish bottle.
I know this is going to be a new favourite of mine once I get to use my hands again.
sophie x