MAC Mineralize Blush – Uplifting





Hey my lovelies, hope you’re all well. So I guess being housebound has its perks, I like to find any excuse to buy something, at least I have something to look forward to.
Anyways I was just browsing the net and came across the Lightness of Being collection by Mac, I was a bit intrigued by the name because first impression made me think it would be a light weight collection of make up, so it would be mostly the mineralized make up, however as much as it is mineralized based I feel as though it is still a bit much, its very metallic and glittery, saying this though it is still a stunning collection.
I was initially going to get the highlighters that look absolutely stunning but then I had a glance over at my highlighter collection and thought how many does a girl really need. So I just opted out for the blusher in the shade Uplifting.
This is a stunning product not something I would wear for everyday unless I want my make up glowing. It is a peachy, golden frost like blusher, I think I would use it for a highlighter as the peach doesn’t come off too strong from it. I would definitely use this for a more dewy glow make up look, it will make the skin appear more healthy looking.
I love the engraving on this, the print on the blusher just makes it look extra nice, different and gives off an expensive look.
sophie x