That Juice, Smoothie Trend

Everyone is doing ‘That Juice, Smoothie Trend’ me being one. Some people are doing it to lose weight, some are using it for protein shakes, some are detoxing and cleansing themselves etc. There are just so many reasons why people are joining this trend, it is very beneficial to your body, if you yet haven’t joined it, then you are missing out!

Difference Between Juicing & Smoothie 
Let’s talk about juicing first, so this is when the water is extracted from fruit, usually done by a sort of juice extractor. Once the water(juice) is extracted from the fruit you are left with a pulp which is usually just thrown away. So juicing is the pure juice from any fruit or vegetable, this is filled with nutrients but lacks protein so doesn’t really help with the muscle and tissue in our bodies.
Juicing is commonly used for loosing weight ‘The Juice Diet’, also people use it to cleanse their immune system, detoxing etc known as ‘The Juice Cleanse’ & ‘Juice Detox’.



With smoothies everything is blended into a blender, making a purée, thick smooth liquid. A liquid is added into the blender, if you want to keep it to just the fruit then you can add a fruit juice, or for people that want the protein, milk or yoghurt is added instead. Also some like to add protein powder.
Smoothies are more filling than juices because it contains the pulp and fibre from the fruit and with juicing this is all extracted.
The good thing about juicing or having smoothies is, it is so beneficial to your body, it’s packed with so many minerals and nutrients, it’s an easy way of having your 5 a day, the over all response to your body is just great, your skin starts to look amazing, you have great energy & it is very healthy.
You can easily make these at home but you can also buy them already made. Now a days you can find Juice Bars, Smoothie Bars etc in shopping centres, people are adding them to the drinks menus in restaurant.
sophie x