The Wardrobe Essentials

I think it’s time we all look through our wardrobe and have a little clear out, these days it’s all about the simple, casual dress code, baggy tees and jeans.
So today I’m going to go through essentials that every wardrobe needs, I personally think it’s best to get good quality items, as you’re always going to be reaching out for them and they will last you a very long time, cheaper clothing items usually just fade, the material goes all bubbly like and then you will just end up buying a new one which is just a waste of money. So save up and invest in these good quality items that every wardrobe will need.

‘The Tees’
My personal opinion on a t-shirt is it must be a V – neck. They just look more flattering, it brings that extra 1% of effort from your normal round neck, also go for the more loose ones, overall they look much better than tight ones, you can lounge about in them, wear them with skinny jeans and heels or pair them with joggers, you can even tuck it into a skirt either way you’re winning.
So every wardrobe should have a white and a black tee (get coloured ones if you must), I like these ones, I actually have them both from Missguided however Missguided only have the white. These are actually good quality, the Missguided one is slightly more thicker which I love as you don’t need to wear a cami underneath it. I have some from Zara which feel amazing on but I can’t find any links to that so this is second best for me.

(I usually don’t show the models, but I want to show how effortlessly nice basic loose t-shirts look)
‘The Jeans’
Topshop is hands down my favourite place to get jeans from, whether they are high-waisted, boyfriend, even coloured jeans, this brand is the best. Why? Well first of all the fitting with their jeans are amazing, they fit so nicely, so comforting being the second reason and lastly they won’t fade and will last you a very long time (tip: wash all your jeans inside-out). For some these might seem expensive but trust me on this, they will last you so long, you will get your use out of them, you won’t regret buying them, trust me! So save up and invest in these jeans.
I’m not going to say you need these three if I didn’t mean it, but you do, the white ones are a must, these particular ones are the whitest, the blue and the black ones you can choose between them, but these ones are really decent, you can get either the blue and white or the black and white either way you won’t regret buying these.
(all from Topshop)
‘The Basics’
Everyone needs vest tops or camis, you can wear these to layer on your clothes, or even wear it underneath tops that you can see through or if you have a low neck you can wear these to cover up more. You can’t get wrong with your basic black & white vest top, go for a bit of colour if you must.
(both from New Look)
Sweaters are useful in so many ways, you can lounge about in them, throw it one when your heading out, wear them for a lunch date, anything really. They are very casual yet still look smart enough to show you’ve made that extra effort.
Cream Textured Jumper, River Island – £28Metallic Sweater, Nexts – £22

Little Black Dress, my idea of a little black dress is something you can wear in various different ways. If you have a job interview you can throw this on with a pair of tights, its smart, you can’t get wrong with black and you will definitely be getting that job! Also if you have last minute plans to go for a night out or dinner, a party etc then you can dress this up with a sexy pair of heels and a clutch.
‘That Coat That Goes With Everything’
I like to stay away from black coats as much as I can unless it’s a bomber jacket or anything, but I feel its nice to go for a more light neutral colour as an overcoat. For example this beauty from Mango, its grey, looks smart enough to wear for work, you can have the buttons open, make it look slightly drapey and wear a dress when you go out for a night out. Also you can’t get wrong with wearing it on a casual day. A coat fr all occasions, trust me that’s what you need!
‘The Leather Jacket’
You need a leather jacket if you don’t yet have one, they are so edgy, still has some class to them. With a leather jacket, try going for a more traditional one like this one from River Island, it doesn’t have too much hardware to it, it’s real leather, so it’ll be more comfy, its not too short or long, it’s perfect!
‘The Shoes’
Everyone needs a pair of flat shoes, heels and ankle boots. I prefer loafer trainer flats to normal traditional ballet pumps, they have a better sole to ballet pumps for me and I love wearing them on a casual day with skinnys or even joggers. You need heels that you can pair with every outfit, and then your ankle boots that you can wear on rainy days etc.

Black Loafers, Office – £45 | Black Heels, Aldo – £70 | Black Ankle Boots, Call It Spring – £50

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, even though I’m saying you need these items you don’t need the exact ones you can get whatever goes for you.

sophie x