Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review





So Nars came out with a new foundation and anyone who knows me understands my love for the ‘Sheer Glow’ so you can imagine my excitement for the new release.
They do come in a variety of shades, if you already know your shade in the sheer glow then it will be the same in the weightless foundation. What I like with Nars is they cover a lot of different skintones, especially medium upwards, olive, yellow, peachy skintones.

Nars claims that this foundation is a 16-hour wear foundation which is a pretty big claim, its ‘unexpectedly weightless’ another big claim. It supposedly is a long wearing foundation with full coverage, plus one drop covers the face giving that full coverage.

I got the shade Barcelona which is spot on, the perfect colour for me, my face is lighter than my body, so I always go with a colour that matches my neck therefore when I apply it, I don’t need to travel too much product to my neck.
Also the best tool for me to use with this foundation is a beauty blender, as it is such a liquidy foundation, the product won’t really soak into the damp beauty blender.
Here’s my opinion on the foundation.
The foundation does have a strong amount of pigmentation within it to give you that flawless coverage, however for me one drop isn’t enough even though it still gives you really good coverage. I like to use one drop for the first layer, stippling it really quickly around the face and once that has settled, I go for a second layer. It does last a long time on the skin, I’m not sure about 16 hours, it doesn’t really budge, I like this as it is such a weightless foundation, because it’s so liquidy you’de think after a while it would wear off but it still looks really good, in fact better. I feel so fresh when I wear this, it doesn’t feel suffocating or heavy on the skin, in fact you feel as though you’re in your own skin and you look naturally flawless. (Beyoncé – Flawless comes to mind ‘i woke up like this’). 
I do set it with a powder, I always have set my make-up just to make sure my foundation stays in place as I have a reallly bad habit of touching my face even though I don’t realise it.

Overall I do like this foundation it is £32 the standard price for a high end foundation, you do get what you pay for and this will last you as you don’t really need a large amount of the product. The bottle comes with a pump but do be careful with putting the lid back on as you don’t want to end up squeezing more product out. 

sophie x