Mac Full Coverage Foundation Review






I’ve been eyeing this foundation for a while now (not that I needed another foundation) it is the Full Coverage Foundation by Mac in the shade NC35. It is a really pigmented foundation, by that I mean even though you apply it sheerly it will still show a strong amount of coverage. You can use to conceal or do a quick touch up.
This is a thick foundation yet it still is creamy so I would recommend using this for the full face as it will just feel really heavy on the skin. A lot of people who have used this all over the face said there skin started to feel really dry throughout the day, I can understand why, because everyone does’t need full coverage all over there face, it’s just certain parts people would want extra coverage, eg: eyes, cheek are or forever, wherever it is more uneven. Anyways the parts that don’t need more coverage try and use a different foundation on those parts and then blend it all together. That way you have moisture from a different foundation and you have that coverage on the parts you need more coverage.
I only recommend using this for special occasions when you want that good coverage, for everyday it can be a bit much, your skin will start to feel suffocated.
I personally only use this when I need to touch up on my base or when I want a really sharp contour as this is a good base for the cheeks and it shows that further dimension of the contour really beautifully.
Overall this is a good product to have in your make up bag if you are a make up lover or for the make up artists who want to achieve the flawless base then this foundation is really good. The coverage is good, the finish is spot on, it blends like an angel. The only downside is there isn’t a huge selection of colours.
sophie x